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Mix-O-Tronic: Creating Game Seeds

First Steps

by Brian Hollenbeck
March 12, 2002

Here's a new column, done as a double-header. Kuma created the ever-powerful Mix-O-Tronic tool, which spits out game/scenario concepts. From this, he's done game/scenario seeds, fleshing out the simple 3-word concepts into a more robust entity.
The next step is up to you. Folks are welcome to submit detailed games based on these Mixes, for publication in 52 Pick-Up. And we'll be adding more Mix-O-Tronic links and features soon! Plus we're testing out a rate-this-item feature, debuting with this column. Enjoy!

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Mix-O-Tronic Result: "reincarnation/WW II/mercenaries"



The characters are ordinary folks from the present day who, in the manner of Slaughterhouse Five, flash back into the midst of WWII. The characters, representing a wide swath of modern-day folks, are all part of the same mercenary outfit fighting in the Apiennes. Thrown into some of the worst fighting in WWII, the characters must, at first, simply learn how to survive.

When they are thrown back to their own time, the characters slowly begin to unravel a 50-year-old mystery. The unit was doomed, as newspaper reports from the time announce that Haver's Hounds, as the unit was known, vanishes mysteriously on the eve of their greatest exploit.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that one of the unit betrayed the others for a load of Nazi gold. Only by uncovering who the traitor is among them and stopping the act itself can the spirits of these soldiers be redeemed.

Meanwhile, in the present, a hunted war criminal is tracking down the gold, and is flashing back himself to 1944. The only difference between the characters and the war criminal is that he knows how it all turned out, and is only being drawn back into history by the same mysterious force that is compelling the characters. As he closes in on both Haver's Hounds and the characters themselves, there is the chance that twice as many souls may be condemned.

Recommended games for use with this scenario: Wraith, Weird War II, or Gear Krieg (perhaps).

Mix-O-Tronic Result: "gladiators/Mayans/Wild West"


Alternate History Setting

The Mayans, far from collapsing under the thumb of the conquistadors, repulse the spanish from their shores. All successive attempts to land in Mexico or Central America are met with fierce opposition. It turns out that the Mayans have progressed, technologically, to a point just behind Europe, driving the out the Aztecs and beginning a long conflict with the Incas.

The Mayans continue to expand until their empire covers all of Central America, Baja, and what will become Southern Texas and New Orleans. The spanish eventually give up on Central America, choosing instead to concentrate on Florida and South America. The Mayans go virtually unchallenged for 200 more years, until the French push them out of Louisiana.

The Dutch, having made great strides in Asia, strike up trade with the Mayan Empire in order to gain a better foothold in North America. Now the Mayans have guns.

So sets the stage for a Pax Mayana, so to speak. When America is eventually created and pushes west towards her Manifest Destiny, the Mayan Empire, armed to the hilt and sitting on all the gold, block the way. They have reached a Golden Age, and the idea is kinda like the Roman Empire - large amphitheatres offer blood sport to the masses in a decadent, unchallenged empire, while the barbarian upstarts (the Americans) are at the gates.

Characters can be American pioneers or cavalry, Franco-Indian scouts, Mayan gladiators (there it is!) or soldiers, Dutch traders...all on a map that looks nothing like our own.

©2001, 2002, Kuma Pageworks & Brian Hollenbeck

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What do you think?


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