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(PR) MicroTactix Games and The CaBil Announce CD-ROM, Print Licensing Arrangemen

(PR) MicroTactix Games and The CaBil Announce CD-ROM, Print Licensing Arrangemen
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:02:38 EDT


MicroTactix Games and The CaBil Announce CD-ROM, Print Licensing Arrangement= s

Many of the popular electronically-published adventure games products create= d=20 by MicroTactix Games ( will soon be available to=20 retail stores in CD-ROM or hardcopy formats as a result of a recent licensin= g=20 agreement between MicroTactix Inc. and The CaBil, publishers of the popular=20 Map Aid game accessories line.

"It has always been our plan to bring our products to traditional adventure=20 game distributors and retailers," says MicroTactix executive editor and CEO=20 Guy McLimore. "We have looked for a long time for the proper partnership to=20 bring this about, and we're pleased to have found it."

=E2=80=9CThe CaBil has been working hard to bring the best in gaming accesso= ries to=20 the market,=E2=80=9D explained Bill Aguiar, The CaBil=E2=80=99s president.=20= =E2=80=9CWhat better way=20 then bringing such a wide array of MicroTactix products to the wider market?= =E2=80=9D

Under the agreement, The CaBil will release MicroTactix products in either=20 CD-ROM format or print versions through Wizard's Attic and other adventure=20 game distribution venues. The products will be co-branded by The CaBil and=20 MicroTactix Games, and will be promoted and supported by both companies.

The first releases under the agreement will be multi-platform CD-ROMs=20 featuring some of MicroTactix Games' most popular modular 3-D scenic=20 accessory systems, including Dirt Cheep Cityscapes modern urban environment,= =20 Dirt Cheep Dungeons fantasy dungeon interiors, and Dirt Cheep Terrain=20 exterior terrain systems. Preview CD-ROM releases in these lines will be=20 available for sale at the GenCon Game Fair in Milwaukee, WI, August 8 - 11,=20 through The CaBil in the Wizard's Attic area of the Exhibit Hall. Release to= =20 the retail trade will follow soon after the convention. Other MicroTactix=20 Games products will be sold at GenCon through the RPGnet Mall booth in the=20 Exhibit Hall.

Other modular scenic lines created by MicroTactix will be released later in=20 CD-ROM format by The CaBil. Print editions of the company's Cardstock=20 Creations scale buildings sets (such as=20 Vyllage-on-the-Cheep for fantasy, Vulture Gulch for old west, and Starbase=20 Omega 3 for science fiction settings) will soon follow.

In addition, The CaBil plans to produce attractive print editions of the cor= e=20 books and expansions for the multi-genre PlainLabel Game System from=20 MicroTactix, including Simply Roleplaying! for=20 role-playing, Compact Combat for board-based man-to-man combat, and Budget=20 Battlefield for tabletop army battles with miniature figures.

MicroTactix Games will continue to develop and sell its product lines as=20 downloadable electronic publishing releases through the company's own web=20 site and the RPGnet Mall (, with new releases in CD-ROM=20 or print from The CaBil following the electronic releases.

For further information, contact:

Guy McLimore, MicroTactix Games

Bill Aguiar, The CaBil

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