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We're taking a look at some of the terrific figures available for Target Game's excellent Chronopia system. Today, we are somewhat at the mercy of checking out my own collection; but you can get an idea of the range regardless.

All of these figures are on a near 30mm scale, roughly the same as Games Workshop's miniatures. The majority of the figures are rather specific to the game world of Chronopia, with its particular twists on the fantasy races (evil elves, beastclan dwarves, manipulative humans, demonic Devout), but could be used for other games if you were so inclined. The level of detail on each is impressive- and these figures really had very little flash (excess casting material) that needed to be trimmed. So, overall, I am quite pleased with the line.

First, let's take a look at the Tormented, for the Devout.

Truly a fearsome beast. The Tormented is a fearsome piece of resin and pewter. As you can see, he painted up quite nicely, and only required the head being pinned to the body. He comes in three pieces: the body (in resin) and the head and spikes (in pewter).

The Tormented is sold in a boxed set with this monster, the Damned:

The Damned is a centaur from hell - literally. The Damned requires a little bit more attention to assemble, but is well worth the result. That morning star he carries is no joke.

Next, we have some dwarves. In Chronopia, dwarves aren't your average short cave-dwellers; they are all part of beast clans, and they are fierce.

First, some members of the Vulture Clan.

Presenting, a Talon Lord (from the Talon Gates boxed set) and a bodyguard of Vulture Mallet Warriors. The Mallet Warriors come four to a pack, with two poses of each, as seen.

Next, the Vulture Crossbowmen.

Ready for the hunt. Who says that dwarves don't have missle troops?

Here is a collection of some Dark-Tusk dwarves:

A Dark Tusk hero surrounded by Dark Axe Warriors. Those boar-headed pickaxes are deadly- and the dwarves have all of the needed attitude to use them.

And to finish things off:

The Dark Tusk Hero and a Dark Tusk Keeper facing off against the Tormented. Don't know who is going to win - but it is going to be bloody either way.


Okay, I am going to cheat a little. This isn't a Chronopia figure, but I just got it in and decided to share it regardless. Allow me to present: The Bio-Giant, for Warzone.


Definitely not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. This is hardly worth the title "miniature"; this model is HUGE.

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