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The Best SF RPG Web Sites
by James Maliszewski

You can tell that the World Wide Web has come of age and joined the ranks of the "respectable" media by the fact that about 95% of it is utter garbage. As depressing as that sounds, that still leaves a very healthy 5% to make up for the rest.

That's where this feature of RPGnet's Science Fiction Corner comes in. Here, I'll showcase some of the very best websites devoted to specific SF RPGs that I've been able to find. In each case, I'll include not only a link, but a brief explanation of why I believe the site to be worthy of inclusion on this page. In most instances, I'll include only one site for each SF RPG. My intention is not to produce a huge hot list of every site devoted to SF roleplaying; there are already plenty of those. Rather, I hope to give credit to those who have furthered the cause of science fiction gaming through the medium of the Web. I also want to share these fine sites with the readers of the SF Corner.

In this great endeavor, RPGnet's readers can assist me. Even if I wasted even more hours on the Web than I already do (apologies to my wife, friends, and thesis committee!), I could never find all the sites worthy of being placed on this page. Furthermore, there are many game systems with which I am not very familiar and, therefore, could not judge the relative value of the sites devoted to them.

To that end, I encourage readers of the Science Fiction Corner to submit their own candidates for best SF RPG web site to me using the e-mail link above. Feel free to suggest alternate sites for the games I've already placed here (I can and do change my mind, if convinced) as well as sites for games that I have overlooked. Included along with the links below are some of the most obvious SF RPGs for which I have not included links. Don't feel bound by my own myopia. If you can add something that I have forgotten, by all means do so!

The Links

2300 AD: Pentapod's World
Although both GDW and 2300 AD are now defunct, this site reminded me why I ever found either compelling. The site is not very pretty, but it's well-organized and contains a wealth of information on this game's vision of the dawn of the 24th century. Almost makes me want to dig out my copy and try playing the game again. Then, I remember the Kafers and am quickly cured of my malady.


Babylon Project: Babylon Project Adventures
This is an excellent site that gives GMs of Chameleon Eclectic's B5 RPG plenty of material to add to their own campaigns. The site is also very attractive and easy to navigate. If only Chameleon Eclectic supported its SF RPG as well as this site, it might be more visible in the gaming industry.

Blue Planet: The Inter System League of Professional Casualties
This oddly named page is a nicely designed and includes plenty of information to keep Blue Planet fans busy.

Fading Suns: Fading Suns Homepage
This site is just wonderful! Not only does it include piles of alternate rules, adventures, equipment, aliens, and setting information but it also serves as the archive for the FS Mailing List. No Fading Suns GM could want anything more in a website. By far, this is one of my favorite of all SF RPG sites, if only because its content to noise ratio is quite large compared to most sites you'll find.

Shatterzone: Underground Information Exchange
This is another site devoted to a defunct game by a (possibly) defunct company, but I thought it was too nifty to pass up. There's a lot of useful information here for players and GMs looking to run games in West End's other SF RPG. The UIX has recently been updated and there's a promise of some very interesting material to come later this year.

Star Frontiers: Star Frontiers Netbook
Yes, the site is on Geocities. Yes, it's for a really old game from TSR. However, this site is also very well done and worth taking a look at for all of you who actually remember what a Yazirian is and how it differs from a Dralasite.

Star Trek: The Star Trek RPG Network
Last Unicorn's great new Star Trek games have only been available for a short time now, but there's already a terrific resource for Narrators looking for new material. This site is very nice looking and collects in one place some of the best material from the LUGTrek Mailing List.

Star Wars
There are actually quite a few excellent sites devoted to West End's defunct Star Wars line, too many for me to choose from. Consequently, I have chosen a couple that a found to be of great use. Feel free to send me more.

The DLOS Star Wars RPG Archive and the Star Wars Supplement Resource Center are both worthwhile sites to visit. Each provides a variety of original information of use to players and GMs alike, as well as links to other pages. Of the two, I'd give an edge to the Star Wars Supplement Resource Center, as its very easy to navigate and updated regularly.

Traveller: Traveller - Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Yet another site devoted to a defunct game (well, probably) by a couple of defunct companies. It includes links and information for every incarnation of this venerable SF institution. With this site as a guide, I doubt that a Traveller aficionado would lack for anything on the Web.

Trinity and Aberrant: The on Society
This is a new site dedicated to all of the games in White Wolf's "Trinityverse." While the bulk of this site is devoted to Trinity, there is a promise of information on Aberrant in the near future.

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