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January 21, 2004

by: Joe G Kushner

Style: 4 (Classy & Well Done)
Substance: 4 (Meaty)

Expand the utility of your e-Adventure Tiles with Cave Chambers and let the wizards use their area effecting spells for once.

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Product Summary
Name: Cave Chambers, e-Adventure Tiles
Publisher: Skeleton Key Games
Line: e-Adventure Tiles
Author: Edward Bourelle
Category: Miniature (virtual)

Cost: 7.99
Pages: 22
Year: 2003

Review of Cave Chambers, e-Adventure Tiles

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Skeleton Key Games is the makers of e-tiles. These tiles can be printed out and often come in themes with other packs supporting that theme. One pack is e-Adventure Tiles: Cave Passages and another to go with that one is e-Adventure Tiles: Cave Chambers.

Consisting of twenty two pages that come in either color or black and white (for a total of 44 pages), the product allows the user to print out the sections they need. For those unused to the idea of cutting and taping, Ed covers that in a separate instruction book with bonus tiles. The tiles cover the larger portions of a cavern system. They included corner ends as well as tiles so big that you'd need to print more than one to create a massive chamber. To tie it into the previous product, there are passage entries allowing the user to mix and match his Cave Passages and his Cave Chambers with a minimum of muss and fuss.

The art is up to Ed's high standards.. Each square is the standard 5' for ease of use in actual game play. The pages are centered for ease of cutting, allowing the user to put together even a moderate sized cavern encounter in a matter of minutes.

For those who love caves and love miniature combat, Cave Chambers ties into other products and increases the utility of other e-Adventure Tiles.

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