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Special Collections and Rare Books

"The line between fantasy and reality is very sharp in imaginative minds."

Special Collections is devoted to books on controversial topics, books of great antiquity, or books whose very existence is hotly debated. Though a new library, we have already found many books of this sort.

Specific books

  • A Book of Quintessence (15th c. alchemy)
  • Al Azif : The Manuscript Liber Logaeth
  • The Book of the Dead ("The Papyrus of Ani")
  • The Encyclopedia Mythica, on on-going work of folklore and mysticism
  • The Necronomicon (online) has mysteriously disappeared!
  • The Unaussprechlichen Kulten

    Other Collections

  • Banned Books (from the Qu'ran and the Bible to Fanny Hill, and more)
  • Shawn Knight's Definitive Occultism library
  • An Occult Library by ftp (Hermetic, Thelemic, Qabalistic, etc)
  • a guide to Weird Sects

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