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The Real Stuff

  • ADS Abstracts.
  • Death in Space
  • Map of the nearest stars and Finding Charts
  • Liftoff's J-Track Spacecraft Tracker
  • Astronaut Requirements
  • Views of the Solar System
  • The armchair astronomer, a book, a lecture, starchild K12, and the 9 planets tour
  • catalog of nearest 25 systems, the Space Faq, and JPL basics of space flight
  • Sex in Space and Flesh in Space.
  • A Supernova next door, and the SETI Institute (with the Drake Equation)
  • X-33 candidates
  • Moon Policy.
  • Women and Comp Sci (and AI and nets), and Gender issues in technology
  • Astrobiology
  • Tabletop railgun
  • Magnetic field reversals
  • Voyager Project
  • Voyager images
  • Shuttle questions


  • by Web, set 1: Apollo | Apollo Images | Astronomy Digital Library | GSFC Lithos | NSSDC Images
  • by Web, set 2: Galaxy Images (CCD), selected GOES-9 images.
  • by ftp: | Voyager | black hole | planetary | misc 1 | misc 2 |

    NASA and Other Agencies

  • XTE's RPS (oh no!), the XTE GOF, the XTE SOF, the Asca GOF, an overview of GSFC and of HEASARC.
  • NASA online (broken down by research center) and Current NASA WWW hot topics.
  • Other NASA Labs and KSC
  • The CFA, Arecibo and the Ionosphere Center, and the UN Office for Outer Space.
  • Upcoming Missions: Gemini, and the The Pluto Express.
    The ticket said "One way to Yuggoth"
    And the pilot was a big purple moth
         They took my brain out of place
         And put it into a case
    Then screamed 'Ia Ia' and took off
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