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Hidden Mysteries

  • Mage's guide and ftp Magick, and ftp Occult.
  • Writer's guide to Magical Places, a magic index, and the eclectic and copious resources.
  • Specific books: see Special Collections
  • Enochian archive
  • Tarot divining
  • Bierce(aka Not Constantine).
  • weird stuff and more inexplicable stuff
  • Nephilim
    Pickman used models exotic
    Well-versed in matters necrotic,
         They're burrowing still
         Out under Copp's Hill
    And all who know are psychotic.
             - Dennis Maggard (

    The oceans of Cthulhu

    Humans speak in the Chaosium Digest or wander through a CoC adventure, but Cthulhu himself was a creation of Lovecraft (bio), summoned by Chaosium as an aspect of the (possibly dead) Occult and RPGing. There are strange Sects, The Book, the Mythos critters, and dark images. And beware Strange Aeons
  • LadyJan's amazing role-playing-inducing character questionaire!

    cartoon of Lovecraft's Diner
    Lovecraft's Diner

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