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Please answer the following questions as your character might. Be as complete and specific as you can; no one will see your answers but you and the Keeper:

1. Your full name.
2. Occupation.
3. Residence.
4. Birthdate.
5. Place of birth.

I. Childhood.

A. Describe the sort of area you grew up in.
B. Childhood friends and enemies and why.
C. Hobbies, sports played, etc.
D. Art or Music Training.
E. Describe the type of homelife you had as a child.

II. Family

A. Father's full name.
B. Mother's maiden name.
C. Brothers' names.
D. Sisters' names.
E. Any other relatives?
F. List all current knowledge of family addresses, spouses, children, birthdates, schooling, and any important incidents that only you and they might remember.

III. Schooling.

A. Grade school.
B. Junior high school.
C. High school.
D. College.
E. Other.
F. Military service. (MOS?)
G. Graduate work.

IV. Life Experience.

A. What made you choose your present occupation?
B. What did you do before? List odd jobs, etc. How long held and what type?
C. Describe any traumatic experiences in your present occupation that have affected you deeply in some way.
D. Who/what are your role models now and in childhood?
E. How do your relatives and friends view your present occupation?
F. Who/what had the most personal direct influence on your life? (person or experience)

V. Skills.

A. What, in your opinion, do you do the best?
B. How do you relax?
C. What do you do that you would like to improve on?

VI. Personal.

A. Best friend.
B. Worst enemy.
C. Current girl/boy friend.
D. Is girl/boy friend an occasional date or steady?
E. Is girl/boy friend a lover, i.e. physically intimate?
F. A far as you can tell, how does girl/boy friend view you?
G. Give detailed addresses and descriptions for letters A through C.
H. Are you pure, i.e. virginal?
I. Give a description of the type of place you live in, including a floor plan if possible.
J. What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are 'available'?
K. What is your code of honor?
L. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
M. Do you have any fears or phobias?
N. What are your weaknesses?
O. Describe your one 'great' love affair.
P. At present, what is the most important thing to you?
Q. To what lengths would you go to achieve a goal?
R. List bad habits.
S. List personal quirks.
T. List vices.
U. List good qualities.
V. List favorite: color, food, clothing, weapons, drink, books, music, etc.
W. What morals do you have?
X. Describe your general personality.
Y. Describe any personal tragedy. Give year, event, people, etc.
Z. Who is the last person you would like to run into? Why? What would be your reaction to them?

VII. Occupational.

A. What was your greatest failure?
B. What was your greatest triumph?
C. What have you done that was considered "outstanding" in your chosen occupation by others in the same field?
D. How do you get along with others in the same occupation?
E. How important is success in your occupation?
F. What are your long term goals?
G. What are you willing to do to obtain these goals?

VIII. Travel.

A. Do you get: seasick, airsick, motionsick - auto or animal back?
B. Do you like riding animals - horses, camels, etc.?
C. Any fears about traveling?
D. What steps would you take to travel overseas?
E. What sort of general equipment would you take, excluding personal items such as clothing?

IX. List anything else about yourself you think is important such as mannerisms.

X. Physical.

A. Height
B. Weight
C. Measurements
D. Clothing sizes
E. Hair color
F. Hair length
G. Eye color
H. Handedness
I. How attractive do you consider yourself to the opposite sex?
J. Any birthmarks or scars noticeable to the general public? Where?
K. Any birthmarks or scars hidden? Where?
L. If your features were destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
M. Do you wear any identifiable jewelry?
N. Do you have any tattoos?
O. What is your most valuable physical asset?
P. What sort of vocal tone do you have?

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