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Everything can be found at either the academically arranged Basalt Regional library or the overflowing WWW Virtual library.

Overview of the modern age

  • Ancient History: Artifacts by region, Ancient Greece, and the language Linear B
  • Arts and Music (including historical aspects)
  • Combat and Military Studies
  • Costuming, Online Costuming, Masks and Makeup and native crafts and supplies
  • the Fantasy page
  • Foreign Languages
  • Future Shock, Apocalypse theories, and Cyberpunk
  • Game Theory
  • Geography
  • History and more History
  • International Culture (current and past) Multi-cultural calendar New!
  • Intelligence Agencies: IRP (NSA/CIA/DIA/NRO manuals and details)
  • Literature
  • Magic:
  • Medicine: past, present, and future
  • Modern times
  • Mysterious Places
  • Mythology overview and a good database plus Ancient Myths and Legends
  • Arthurian refs
  • The Mythos
  • Names (namely, Kate Monk's Onomastikon) New!
  • Patents (for history or reference)
  • Politics
  • Censored News stories
  • Runes
  • Society (Harper's Index) and the US Gazetteer (Census)
  • Sociological history: Women quotes and General quotes
  • Prison Lingo
  • Storytelling, Urban Legends, and a folktales archive
  • Science past and present, Space science, Mad Science, and Wrong science Also Forensic Entomology New!
  • Special Collections, including rare and occult books
  • Theology (and Philosophy)
  • Weirdness Meta-index

    The RPG Hound is also building a very nice site of essays and resources. Tesarta have made a similar creation, and their list of resources is extremely good.

    The Research-It meta-tool is a great language/history/stat finder for writers.

    Mindbench is a new forum collecting ideas.

    The Gamemaster's Bookshelf is a good summary of real-world books for gamemasters building their library.

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