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Official RPGnet Y2k/Y0k Certification!

We work on computers for a living, and realize that no computer fix can ever be considered 100% perfect. So, there is a distinct risk that all the world's Y2k fixes will not work, and parts of this wondrous Earth may be plunged into the year 00, aka the first millennium. What will befall roleplayers if this happens?

RPGnet decided something must be done, for the player's sake. With this in mind, we're willing to give official evaluation for any RPG company as to the reliability and safety of their products for Y2k-- that is, whether or not their products will work in the years 0 AD to 999 AD if the world should inadvertently fail the Y2k 'roll-over'.

For example:

  1. D&D: year 0 approved!
  2. GURPS: year 0 approved and gains our coveted Recommended status (as useful textbooks for rebuilding civilization)
  3. Everway: year 0 approved (though artists in the card medium may be difficult to find prior to 700AD)
  4. D&D Core Rules V.20 CD-Rom: sorry, not year 0 compliant
  5. EverQuest: no way
  6. CRPGs: as if
  7. Rules available only via the web: not RPG-Y2k compliant

Only a highly-trained professional organization like RPGnet is capable of making these sorts of hard-line assessments. After all, there are many factors involved. If the game medium itself is available, whether the appropriate randomizers exist, issues of availability and compatibility in the pre-industrial society. Big, scary topics that other certification agencies are too cowardly to face. But not us-- we live for the challenge.

So if you're a game-producing company, drop us a line before the end of the millennium (either one) at and we'll let you know-- for free-- whether or not your game is RPGnet Y2k/Y0k compliant. You can then wear the HTML virtual certification on your web pages with pride.

Note: RPGnet itself is Year 2000 compliant but may not necessarily function in the year 0 AD unless you have a laptop computer, a large cache copy, and a heck of a lot of batteries.

Thanks to Keith Johnson of Steve Jackson Games for the astounding Y2K logo RPGnet Y2K button!

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