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  • the ever-changing Build-Your-Own Game-related links page
  • RPG Mapping utilities
  • Character Sheets (in postscript, for several games)

    Modern Day

  • Transformers as an RPG
  • Amber links
  • Hong Kong genre/film resources
  • Miskatonic University and Longcoat's MU
  • The realized unconsciousness (by Gordon Olmstead-Dean)


  • Olde Tavern Tales (resources from a D&D writer's group)
  • DM's Toybox
  • 5 RQ Scenarios (in lieu of our own scenario archive)
  • Raiders of the Lost Dungeon (free floorplans, maps, starships, and more
  • The Fantasy Page
  • SpellWeaver Java online spell casting

    Historical and pseudo-historical

  • Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos
  • Chaosium Digest
  • Paranoia meets CoC
  • Gnostics

    Future and Cyberpunk

  • CyberThulhu: Lovecraftian Horror in the Near Future 23Dec97
  • BlackHammer CP cyberpunk stuff
  • Smartlinks (fun detailed tech) 23Dec97
  • SF RPGs
  • James M on SF RPGs
  • Ankalerye's TerkLands (Sci-Fi & Fantasy)


  • Rec.Games.Frp Super-Heros FAQ
  • DC Heroes RPG


  • RPG Fiction

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