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  • Game Developer's Resourcium
  • The LARP & Free-form archives (maintained by Brian David Phillips)
  • The Gaming and Education newsletter and archives, by David Millians
  • Scrolls of Virtue
  • the RPGA, the UK-RPGA and MageBlade
  • Netbooks (and mirror)
  • Fantek (excellent broad-spectrum fandom)
  • DreamLake imagination site
  • DreamScape (need to add fragment to dreamscape.gif)
  • IRPS (Internet Role-Playing Society)
  • NAGCL (North American Gaming Club List)
  • RPG & TCG Resource Page (with interviews, etc)
  • CRPGA (Christian Role Playing Gamers Association)
  • Improv games
  • Multigenre, Inc. (includes Cons, NA Club lists, etc)
  • Lord Hannible's Realm of Chaos (webring)
  • Primordia Online (Fantasy and SF gaming)

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