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picture of cthulhu (picture of Cthulhu under ice...)

"Oh No! The poor thing must be trapped under the ice!"

There was a young writer from Providence
Who brilliantly coined his own evidence
Like weird-sounding names
(which spawned role-playing games)
And dark tomes about alien revenants
- Az0th

Hungry, anyone? (Courtesy of Dr. Fun)

The Classics
The stories, the jokes, all of the references...the ones that have stood the test of time.

The Characters
The classes, the monsters, the memories, and the ones that got away!

Things you must link to...to believe!

The writers, the 'zines, the silliness continued!

Anything Else, Sir?
Anything else that...almost fits if we cram it in!

The Classics

Eric and the Gazebo
by Richard Aronson

The classic tale of fighter meets unknown monster, fighter fights unknown monster...audience dies laughing.

Werewolf Light Bulb Jokes

...ala GarouMUSH, December 1994.

Why Did The
Mage Cross the Road?

As if you needed any proof that we know our hobbies too well.

You Might Be A Gamer...
provided by Warmaster

You might be a gamer. If you're not, why are you reading this page?

Glenn Blacow
"Wild Hunt APA" covers.

Hey, it starts you right off with some bikini armour, so no complaining!

Don't You Hate When...
Reid Bluebaugh

The essential list of filler quotes.

Rules for Writing a Fantasy Novel Greg Schmidt

Some exceptions may apply.

Peter's Evil Overlord List

You don't want the GOOD guys to win, do you?

D&D in retirement homes

From the Subatomic Humor site, a brief insight on the future.

The Characters

Bill Gates
(courtesy of the Onion)

See the stats! Laugh as he lifts bars and bends gates! Er...strike that. Reverse it.

Elmo in D&D

Even ELMO is not immune...I will assimilate you and turn you into statistics. Of course, well, I play Amber...

Post Mortem Hall of Fame

Rest in peace, old friend. Or, if you were the one who set off the exploding mime trap...rest in pieces.

The Hope Hubris
Deceased Character Mortuary

Competition is a good thing. This way, your character's memorial can be in the right neighborhood, or with the best dead folk, or with the greatest scenery.

Top 10
Game Master Pet Peeves

by Scotty

Not peeves GMs have, but GMs who make you peevish. And not with a wand of "Polymorph Peeve", either.

The Gamemaster's
Hall of Shame

Sure, it's just pick on the GM day, isn't it? I'll show you...

Lee's (Useless)
Super-Hero Generator

What? Invisible Hair-Dye Girl DOESN'T save the day?

The Munchkin Kith

I wonder what kind of armour an anti-munchkin paladin has...

Ultimus Maximus
Archangel of Munchkins

Someone's looking out for them... and not just for hunting.


Paranoia Loyalty Test

I ought to bring this to the next Purity Test party...


Five foot two, eyes of blue, likes to play with Pikachu...has anybody seen my elf?

The Adventures of
BON3D00D and pLaTeDeWd

It isn't funny unless it hurts.

The Lair of the Mythos Haiku

Haiku You Ask Me? I Say, "Whatzit To You, Kid?" Ignorance is bliss.

Angst: The Webring
for RPG Good Guys

If evil is so much fun...why doesn't it attract better henchmen?


Fighting the evil Fomorichalupa Supreme... by Ryan Silverman and Gavin Warren.

The Freezing

They'll bite your kneecaps off. By "Picks-at-flies" (Aidan Bowes).

EvWeb's "Cute-Kith" parody

Never has Barnie tasted so sweet, or been...so evil.

World of Darkness meets...
The Simpsons!

Part one. Part two is accessible here.

Middle Oerth

Where people have to wear smiley faces denoting their alignment.

Flof: the RPG

By Chad Peter. Tribble, Dribble, boiled bits and Kibble...


Free version of the "schlock-horror" RPG.

Cthulhu Hymnal

Ooops, got to remember to add this to this year's caroling list...

the Ignorance

Have I mentioned I like the word Plink, Pippi?



All the adventures of the White Elephant Bunch that are...in print.

Jig Noir Melt's
Magazine of Nefarious Jocularity

The, erm...quarterly? magazine I might have some responsibility for...

Critical Miss

Dysfunctional Roleplayers? We don't need no...erm.

Dork Tower

Now a regular ol' comic book...


Beats me. <shrug> I didn't follow the comics.

Ack! (Jeff Freeman)

Technically, I only asked "Why not?"

Lease on Life
(Spencer M. Lease's column)

The lair of the Mouse King? You're talking the Big Cheese, right?

The Mad Lab

Q is for Quarantine. Come on in, free ice cream.

Anything Else, Sir?

Virtual Voodoo Doll

Pin 'em Down! Do a little hoodoo, 'cause everyone loves voodoo!

The Brunching Shuttlecocks

Technically not a gaming site, but if you want your funnybone tickled pink...and your spleen turned plaid, visit this site.

Stormtrooper Humor

Isn't this list a little too short for a Stormtrooper?

...and finally, our "From Left Field" sweepstakes winners...

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