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  • Miscellaneous topics
  • How to Roleplay
  • Design games (and RPG Theory and Morphology)
  • Other article sites


  • Questions and Answers About RPGs, courtesy of GAMA
  • Unified Cthulhu Theory by Bertil Jonell (here until I build a more proper Cthulhu sub-page)
  • Case study: A billionaire's life
  • detection in law enforcement and larping
  • "The Tigger Syndrome" in RPGs: on players wishes versus what they say
  • Is the SCA a Larp?
  • Behind the Scenes at a Con
  • Party origins
  • Rant on Web lies

    How to Roleplay

  • "Pocket Warrior" What an RPG Is
  • Uncle Figgy's Guide to Good Roleplaying, or... How to Manipulate Friends and Influence People
  • Character questionnaire (by Ladye Jan)
  • Character questionnaire (source unknown)
  • Transforming your Character by Tad Kelson
  • That's Entertainment!, or having fun in a game, by Brett Evill
  • The Roleplayer's Guide
  • DM FAQ
  • "The Tigger Syndrome" in RPGs: on players wishes versus what they say
  • Negative Space's "What is Roleplaying"
  • RPGs: Theory and Practice


  • Ludographic game design project
  • Tips for Freelancers
  • The Complete World-Builder (excerpts)
  • Writing your own RPG (plus utilities)
  • "Leads and Excuses", Two basic plot devices, by Brett Evill
  • Designing RPGs
  • World Building
  • economic theory and designing rpgs
  • Gamasutra, on CRPG design
  • Game Design 101

    Morphology and Theory

  • The Seven Types of RPGs
  • Situationist gamemastering by Bruce Baugh
  • Campaign Classification
  • Negative Space's "What is Roleplaying"
  • RPG Theory FAQ
  • RPGs: Theory and Practice
  • What is roleplaying?
  • Anecdotal RPG Survey

    Other article sites

  • John Tynes
  • the 252 club with archives of scholary rpg studies!
  • Steffan O'Sullivan's home
  • Scholarly list of Role-playing essays
  • Insider Essays on the game industry by Greg Costikyan
  • A scholarly forum for discussing RPGs


  • Surviving GenCon '97! An essay by Jordan H. Orzoff

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