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David Millians

My name is David Millians, and I am an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, GA. I am also the coordinator for the gaming & education group for the Game Manufacturer's Association. We put out a free, 6 page, quarterly newsletter to encourage discussion. If you want to receive it, just send me your real world address, and I'll have it off to you. Remind me, and I'll scrounge up some back issues, if you want. The next issue goes out this week (God and photocopiers willing).

I've used dozens of published games and simulations in my classroom, and I've written several large ones of my own. The former range from Avalon Hill's D-Day to Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, from Abalone to GDW's 2300AD. I think all of these board, war, and role games are positive, rich environments for developing minds. As well, many games can be used to teach specific topics or skills.

I lead workshops at national game conventions and at smaller (more progressive) teacher conferences.

David Hamilton Flewellen Swanson Millians
Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA
GAMA Education Group
Teacher         Gamer           Storyteller     Adventurer      Learner

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