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Word From on High: A Tale of Terror

by Matt Cowger

from the Chaosium Digest Volume 18, Number 12

reprinted by permission of the author
Word from on High

The 21st Day Redemptionist Church is a large and popular religious organization. Led by the charismatic "Dr. James", the Church's radio ministry and large tent revivals have attracted national media attention. The revivals are especially popular, featuring the usual speaking in tongues, faith healing, and testimonials, as well as singing and prayer. Dr. James (who claims to have a doctorate in divinity) then concludes his tent revivals with what he calls his "Two Minutes of Meditation on the Word" where he and the flock share two minutes of silence to, ostensibly, meditate on the word of God.

Dr. James' sermons have taken a different tone of late and his followers have been becoming more insular. The Doctor's sermons have become more apocalyptic and full of fire and brimstone then they used to be and his revivals have become angry affairs, full of shouting about doomsday and disparaging of those who have not accepted The Word. Popular opinion has turned against the 21st Day'ers because of this, which has only added fuel to the already smoldering Redemptionist pyre.


"If we make peaceful revolution impossible,
we make violent revolution inevitable"
-John F. Kennedy

Matt Cowger-Tenebrae@GVI.NET

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