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Rockers in the Cyberthulhu World

a Usenet excerpt by Keith C. Estanol

Hey, this would be pretty cool if it existed, seeing as I'm a few days from starting my Cthulhupunk game (world halfway made, stat conversions 3/4th done, etc etc). Hmm, wonder how it would go ..

"Johnny looked around him and felt the servos click in the Hand as he activated the smartgun link. Out of the darkness came three creatures, unbelievably quick for their bulk and size. From the corner of his eyes he could see two other fumbling clumsy forms holding FN-Ral Heavy Assault rifles. He smiled, he had them just where he wanted them. Johnny accessed the file 'Voorish Sign' in from one of his chip sockets and started to chant. Screams poured from the surprised and enraged creatures as they stumbled back from the seemingly helpless rocker."

Or something like that.

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