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A Few Corps for Cyberthulhu

by Arthur Boff

two from From the Chaosium Digest Volume 19, Number 1
reprinted here by permission of the author

This is a short list of corps for use with the Call of Cyberthulhu setting, that appeared in V2.10 and V2.11 and was mentioned in V18.1. Two of them are future version of companies and cults mentioned in Mythos stories. One is my own invention. First, a brief explanation of the layout of the corp descriptions.


Public Face: This corp deals with life insurance and pensions, selling cheap, affordable insurance packages.

Mythos Secret Agenda: Their name, "Exchange Life" is a clue to their true nature. The top executives are actually Yithian time-travellers who are experts in 21st century corporate practices. Using the corp's profits, they are funding a project to genetically engineer the insect species that will become the new Great Race. At the moment, a likely set of genes have been found, and a few Great Race members have entered their bodies for a "test run".

Non-Mythos Secret Agenda: The life insurance part is a protection racket, and the pensions part is bribing people to "forget" pieces of information.

Controlled Areas: The Australian deserts.


Public Face: Innsmouth Group (Inc.) is made up of the Marsh Refinery Company, the Marsh Shipping Company and the Innsmouth Fishing Company. It also owns a registered charity, the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Mythos Secret Agenda: Guess. The Deep Ones have been fairly efficient in their attempts to make Deep One-human hybrids. Innsmouth Group (Inc.) serves as an employer of these hybrids and also helps keep them in touch.

Non-Mythos Secret Agenda: The Innsmouth Group has a large network of pipes under certain Pacific islands. These pipes are rented out by other corporations for waste disposal purposes. Due to the cost of connecting these pipes to their customer's pipes, the prices of rental are very large. It is worth it though, since the Innsmouth Group (Inc.) guard the pipes from environmental terrorists with... military efficiency.

Controlled Areas: Innsmouth, an unknown number of Pacific islands.


Public Face: The Starry Wisdom Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of space exploration products.

Mythos Secret Agenda: The Starry Wisdom Cult has reformed and expanded since the events described in "The Haunter of the Dark", and now worships many Mythos deities. The originally went into space, to Yuggoth, for the purpose of getting a replacement for the Shining Trapezohedron, which was thrown into the sea at the end of "The Haunter of the Dark". They were able to do this by using the profits they reaped from being a corporation. They and the Mi-Go are researching ways to make Shining Trapezohedrons for all the Mythos deities. So far they have made one for Cthugha, which summons an avatar of him when the crystal is placed in fire, and one for Hastur, which summons the King in Yellow when lines from the play bearing his name are read to it.

Non-Mythos Secret Agenda: The "space exploration products" the Starry Wisdom Corp makes are dangerously defective. The odds are that any space shuttle the PCs get on is made from Starry Wisdom parts.

Controlled Areas: Providence, several asteroids.

Copyright Arthur Boff 1997
Written Beyond Ye Spheres

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