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BURN: A Modern Tale of Terror

by Peter Devlin

Originally presented in the Chaosium Digest Volume 18, Number 12

reprinted by permission of the author
A modern Tale of Terror inspired by recent events in the news. Enjoy.

Copyright (c) Peter Devlin

The growth in the use of information technology in the 1990s has made dissemination of information very easy. However, there is a price to pay for such easy access to information. On the Internet there are a growing number of computer users falling prey to a new computer virus called BURN. This virus is so new that most anti-virus software companies do not yet know of it. It is also unlikely that anyone will survive to tell the story of its most unusual effects. However, astute students of Fortean lore may note an increasing "unusual death" rate amongst Net surfers, and there are always going to be upset parents. Media types, always hungry for a new angle on the Internet, will also make much of the rising tide of bodies, linking them to Internet pornography etc.

Eventually the BURN virus can be traced (via assembly language code headers) to a compiler belonging to the Arkham Sanitarium. Howard Barker is a deranged hebephrenic psychology postgraduate from Miskatonic University who works as a ward assistant. Lately, he has been spending a lot of time with the computers in the building.


Peter Devlin

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