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Fallen Future: Cyberthulhu Gaming

by Sandy Antunes (

additional material as attributed in each file

Welcome to a set of Cyberthulhu rules and world. The purpose is to provide a viable future (cyberpunk) setting, with a module set in Baltimore in the post-2000 era. It includes new rules and a viable campaign setting, and provides a more humanistic view of the future than the convention cyber game systems available. Further, this book does not conflict with the Pagan Publishing future timeline in their licensed "End Time" system (set in 2094).

The rules are an expansion based on Chaosium's "Call of Cthulhu" system. The timeline sets up a possible world for Cyberpunk/Cthulhu adventuring. The Character Sheet is useful, again, for using "Call of Cthulhu" in this genre. The adventure is a little scattered in writing (more a distillation of notes than a formal scenario) but is complete as far as plot, setting, significant events, and handouts. My take on this genre focus more on the Cyber and less on the Punk, simply because the role of Investigators is more a force for order than chaos.

  • Call of Cyberthulhu rules
  • Timeline of the future
  • Character Sheet for cyberfuture characters
  • "GuideStar", a Cyberthulhu Adventure
  • Newsblurps for use with the GuideStar adventure
  • Rocker excerpt (background atmosphere) by Keith C. Estanol
  • The Fractal Realm (Mythos Netspace) by Jon Preedy
  • New Tales of Terror!
  • Great Corporate Ones (cyberthulhu corps) by Arthur Boff
  • bibliography

    Still to do

  • Edit to make this less colloquial, more readable; improve organization.
  • Add details, modifications based on some of my not-yet-typed-in notes.
  • Add costs in cash plus medical time for cybernetics, so Investigators can improve after initial character creation.
  • Type in netrunning Task system.
  • Write up Magic/Mythos in Cyber setting, including: "Magic on the Net", a brief suggestion on how to interface spells with netrunning; "Cultist Upgrades", some ideas on the changes in Cults brought on by technology; "CyberMythos", discussing the change in Mythos attributes (i.e. none) as well as their expansion/corruption of technological forces (i.e. lots).
    The game system "Call of Cthulhu" and relevant concepts within are trademarks of Chaosium Inc., and no copyright infringement is intended. References to "Call of Cthulhu" game mechanics remain the property of Chaosium Inc., while the setting and background provided herein are concepts by this author and do not represent an official Chaosium product.

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