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Submission Guidelines

In order for The Oracle to continue, we need submissions. The following guidelines (and yes, they are guidelines NOT hard and fast rules) explain how to go about submitting an essay or article for The Oracle.

What We Want

Essays and articles that deal with serious discussion of roleplaying games, including what they are (and aren't) how they work, why we play them, and how to get more enjoyment out of them. Essentially, any article that offers insights into the how's and why's of roleplaying games is likely to be appropriate for The Oracle.

What We Don't' Want

One thing you won't see on The Oracle are game-specific articles that deal with new rules, new spells, new monsters, adventures, modules, NPC stats, or any such articles. There are lots of other sites out there that offer this kind of content, so there's no need for us to try to offer that here as well.

At this time, we're not interested in running reviews of RPG products. This may change in the future, but for the time being, reviews will not be accepted.


Unfortunately, The Oracle is a strictly voluntary operation, and we can't offer any payment for contributions aside from a little exposure and publicity.

Articles submitted remain the property of the author, and copyright notices to that effect appear both on each essay and also on the Legal Information page.

We reserve the right to take down any essay at any time (though I can't imagine why we'd ever do this, and if we did you can trust that there'd be a GOOD explanation for it!). Also, essays and author information will be taken down or changed upon request by the author.

Submitting an Essay

I want to keep the submission process for The Oracle as informal and simple as possible. Submitting an essay involves two (possibly three) simple steps:

  • 1. Send me a query letter and proposal. This is a short proposal that describes the essay itself and why it will be of interest to people who read The Oracle.
  • 2. Wait for me to review your proposal. I'll try to get back to you with a response with a few weeks whenever possible, so please be patient. If the proposal is accepted, go on to the next step (step 3).
  • 3. If your proposal is accepted, the next step is to write the essay itself (or if you've already written it, send it in). Once the submission arrives, it will be reviewed again. If it requires any changes or corrections, you'll be notified soon (again, probably within a few weeks). If the essay is ready to go, you'll be contacted about setting up an Author page for you. Your essay and Author page should be up on the site within the next few weeks.

See. Wasn't that simple?

Now what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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