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The Links section contains a variety of links to other web sites, including a list of general RPG-related sites as well as sites recommended by contributing authors.

General RPG-Related Sites

Gaming Intelligence
Gaming Intelligence is a website and weekly email newsletter that focuses on the gaming industry to bring you the latest gaming news, product releases, feature articles, columns, and reviews. Moderated and updated by Mitchell J. Gross.

Gaming Outpost
The Gaming Outpost is the center of the gaming community on the Web, including a full-fledged (and totally free) electronic magazine, comprehensive discussion forums and gaming links: practically everything you'd ever need in the world of gaming is available here. Gaming Outpost is also the home of John Wick's Game Designer's Journal.

Pyramid Online
Pyramid is the gaming hobby's hottest voice! We're your online source for game reviews, source material and background information for all your favorite games. We cover card games, computer gaming, miniature systems and wargaming. Our industry news is updated regularly, whenever it happens.
The Inside Scoop on Gaming! Our gracious host, and an great source of RPG-related articles, reviews and other information.

Steve Jackson Games' List of Game Company Websites
This is an excellent list of game company websites. Rather that try to reproduce their list, it's better to simply point you there.

Recommended Links (by author)

Guy McLimore

Greg Porter

Lou Prosperi

John Tynes

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