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Guy McLimore: Recommended Links

MicroTactix Games- Listed here for obvious reasons... We're doing interesting stuff with the PlainLabel Game System, which I often describe as the World's Only Full-Featured Multi-Level Adventure Gaming System. Drop by and see why. - The undisputed center of the adventure gaming world online. News, columns, industry insiders and the wit and wisdom of Sandy Antunes -- one of the best of all sites for role players! Features one of the most extensive and varied collections of game reviews on the World Wide Web! Highly recommended.

PYRAMID - One of the finest magazines in gaming history is now one of the finest webzines in gaming history! If you don't already subscribe to this web-based magazine from Steve Jackson Games, you are missing out on one of gaming's best deals. Subscribers get new articles weekly, message boards, archives of articles from the old print edition of Pyramid, and access to the Steve Jackson Games playtest files for upcoming releases! I'd get a lot more work done if I wasn't always on Pyramid's various game forums, exchanging ideas (and nonsense) with the regular gang of designers, artists, and game enthusiasts found there.

COMIC BOOK LIFE - SJGames provides the same high-quality product in this new online magazine for comix fans that it does in the award-winning PYRAMID magazine for gamers. Of special interest to game fans is Bob Portnell's POWER PLAY column about my own personal favorite form of adventure gaming, superhero roleplaying.

Crunchy Frog/Nightshift Games - The original small-press, fun-games, low-prices game company, Crunchy Frog is better than ever! Paul Lidberg was one of our first mentors in small-press publishing, and his company is the publishers of my long-time partner Greg Poehlein's OTHER multi-genre roleplaying system, Paradigm Shift. Visit the Team Frog website for great games.

Cheapass Games - What can we say that a stack of industry awards, stellar reviews, and customer raves haven't already said? Great games at cheap prices is the Cheapass Games philosophy, one I happily embrace as well. (And much thanks to James Ernest for all the good advice and encouragement when we set up MicroTactix Games, and for proving that The Rules Everyone Knows for What Will Sell to Adventure Gamers were not handed down on stone tablets by God!) If you don't already own a stack of these games, you haven't learned to have fun yet.

Decker's Data Pool - The recently-moved online home for my friend and colleague Bob Portnell shrank a bit in the transfer to it's new location recently, but is still Bob's window on the world of gaming. As the new Line Editor for MicroTactix Games' Simply Roleplaying! line, I expect Bob is going to be kept very busy. But anything he finds time to put here in the Data Pool is likely to be worth a look-see.

The Blue Room - The Blue Room is the online home of well-known game author S. John Ross. It is one of the richest resource sites on the Web for serious roleplaying gamemasters. Especially recommended are S. John's great game-oriented TrueType fonts (sold on his site and at Hyperbooks) for ridiculously low prices. Check out the Hexpaper font, and the SPARKS sets by talented artist Dan Smith, which create standup character figures perfect for use with Compact Combat! MicroTactix Games is pleased to assist S. John with Mac conversions so these great fonts can be made available for Macintosh systems as well as Windows.

CCNow - Yes, you can have a secure credit card sales effort on the web without a ton of startup costs. I recommend these folks highly.

Apple Computer - A game enthusiast's best friend is his Macintosh computer. They'll take my Mac (I have four, actually) from me when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

The Evansville Courier & Press Online - Where I am when I'm not doing game stuff or sleeping. (Ask my wife...) I work for this Great Metropolitan Newspaper as a Mild-Mannered System Administrator. Home of the world-famous Willard Library GhostCam (really!) and the most hard-working and creative group of individuals I have ever known, aside from my own MicroTactix partners.

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