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Chris Pramas

I got involved in the gaming industry back in 1993 as a freelance writer. My first professional work was on the Underground RPG from Mayfair Games, Inc. (and little did I know this would be the best paying work I'd get until 1998). Over the next couple of years, I wrote for a variety of different games, including Warhammer FRP, The Whispering Vault, and Feng Shui. In 1996 I (along with two partners) decided to take the plunge and start my own company, Ronin Publishing. We acquired The Whispering Vault RPG from Pariah Press and jumped into the industry with both feet...and little capital. During the Ronin years, all the partners worked other jobs, and I continued to freelance for other companies. During this time I wrote for In Nomine, Over the Edge, and Ars Magica, and wrote a series of short stories for Games Workshop's Inferno magazine.

In Septermber of 1997, I moved to Seattle and continued to freelance and work for Ronin. Ronin's first Whispering Vault supplement, The Book of Hunts, had come out that summer, and I was hard at work at producing Blood of the Valiant, a licensed sourcebook for Feng Shui. Six months later I was hired by TSR, Inc. to work on the Dominia RPG. This was cancelled within six weeks of me coming on staff, so I shifted focus and worked on six other books over the following year and a half. The fruits of this labor have finally begun to appear, in the form of the Dragon Fist RPG and the AD&D Guide to Hell.

In August of 1999 I left TSR, Inc. and transferred into the new WotC Miniatures Division. Although minis games are now the focus of my work, I still keep my finger in the RPG pie. I simply have too much history to leave RPGs behind.


Website: This is the Ronin Publishing site. It hasn't been updated in a while, but hopefully this will change over the next few months.

Published Credits

AD&D: The Vortex of Madness 1999 TSR, Inc.
AD&D: Guide to Hell 1999 TSR, Inc.
Dragon Fist ( 1999 WotC/TSR
Feng Shui: Blood of the Valiant Ronin Publishing
Star Trek: Next Generation RPG (contributor) 1998 Last Unicorn Games
Over the Edge: Forgotten Lives (contributor) Atlas Games
In Nomine: Heaven and Hell (contributor) Steve Jackson Games
Whispering Vault: Book of Hunts (contributor, editor) Ronin Publishing
Feng Shui: Marked for Death (contributor) Daedalus
Ars Magica: A Medieval Tapestry (contributor) Atlas Games
Warhammer FRP: Dying of the Light (contributor) Hogshead Publishing
Whispering Vault: Dangerous Prey (contributor) Pariah Press
Underground: Underground Player's Handbook (contributor) Mayfair Games, Inc.
Underground: Underground Gamemaster's Guide (contributor) Mayfair Games, Inc.
The Black Pearl (in Inferno #2, and in "Into the Maelstrom") Games Workshop
Into the Maelstrom (in Inferno #4, and in "Into the Maelstrom") Games Workshop
Mormacar's Lament (in Inferno #6) Games Workshop
Plus articles for Dragon, Pyramid, Valkyrie, the Familiar, MARS, Shadis, and arcane.

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