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Welcome to The Oracle!

Updated May 23, 2000

The Oracle is a website devoted to the serious discussion of roleplaying games; what they are, why we play them, and how we can increase the entertainment (and in some cases, educational) value they offer us as players and gamemasters (DMs, referees, etc.). If you want to know more about The Oracle, including how to contribute, look in the About The Oracle section.

The primary content you'll find on The Oracle is our collection of essays that address a wide variety of topics related to roleplaying games, including opinions about the RPG industry, analysis and criticism of RPGs, and lots more.

But there's more to The Oracle than just our essays. In addition to our essays, we also have information about our contributing Authors, including a number of Books and Links recommended by our authors.

Coming Soon: Oracle discussion forums on RPGnet. Stay Tuned for more details.

Update - May 23, 2000!

This update of The Oracle includes:

Self-Censorship by Lee Gold

Role-Playing Games: An Overview by Andrew Rilstone

So what are you waiting for? Jump right and take a look around!

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