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Special Bulletin, April 10 1997

CONTACT: Steven Kam                                David Emanuel
         Wizards of the Coast, Inc.                Ketchum Public Relations
         (206) 204-7695                            (415) 984-6236
April 10, 1997 (Renton, Wash.) -- Wizards of the Coast Inc. and TSR Inc.,
the two leaders of the adventure gaming industry, announced today that a
letter of intent has been signed by both parties for Wizards of the Coast
to acquire TSR Inc.  The transaction is expected to be completed in May,
Wizards of the Coast is the publisher of the world's best-selling trading
card game, Magic: The Gathering(R).  Lake Geneva, Wis.-based TSR Inc. is
the publisher of the world-renowned adventure game Dungeons & Dragons(R).
Founded 22 years ago in 1975, TSR Inc. rose to a market leadership position
that endures today with the introduction of Dungeons and Dragons.  The
internationally famous game further generated a wide variety of
best-selling adventure and roleplaying games and merchandise, including the
New York Times' best-selling book series, Dragonlance.  The game Dungeons
and Dragons was featured in an early scene of the 1982 Steven Spielberg hit
movie, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.
"TSR Inc. is the pioneer of adventure games and carries an important
industry legacy," said Peter D. Adkison, president and CEO of Wizards of
the Coast.  "We look forward to drawing on TSR's worldwide reputation and
established lines of popular games to complement our current business."
Lorraine Williams, president and CEO of TSR Inc., added, "The synergies
that already exist between Wizards of the Coast and TSR ensure a solid home
and future for the vast library of intellectual property which TSR has
created, and for its creative community."
Wizards of the Coast is a leading developer and publisher of entertainment
products, including Magic: The Gathering.  Since the game was released in
1993, over two billion cards have been sold, and the game is available in
nine languages.  Other products published by the company include the
trading card game BattleTech(R) and the soon-to-be-released card game
Corporate Shuffle(TM), based on the popular comic character DILBERT(TM).
The company is headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington in the
city of Renton, and has international offices in the United Kingdom,
Belgium and France.  For more information on Wizards of the Coast, visit
the company's website at <http://www.wizards.com>.
Copyright 1997 Wizards of the Coast Inc.  All rights reserved.  WIZARDS OF
THE COAST, Magic: The Gathering, and Corporate Shuffle are trademarks of
Wizards of the Coast Inc.  Dungeons & Dragons is a registered trademark of
TSR Inc.  BattleTech is a registered trademark of FASA.  The BattleTech
universe is owned by FASA Corporation and used under license.  DILBERT (C)
United Feature Syndicate Inc.
Charles Keith-Stanley                    werewolf@wizards.com
Cyberspace Coordinator                    liaison@wizards.com
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.             http://www.wizards.com

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