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Mummy 2nd Edition

World of Darkness Supplement

White Wolf Games Studio

144pp - [sterling]10.99

Mummy turned up back in 1992 as an odd supplement for Vampire: the Masquerade, detailing the ever-reincarnating beings who have been the beneficiaries/victims (delete as appropriate) of the Ritual of Life. The Mummies are truly immortal - if they die, they just sojourn awhile in the spirit world then bounce right back again. They're tied in with Egyptian mythology and the vampiric Jyhad, since the Antediluvian Set is their arch-enemy. So far, so good, but things have moved on since those early days: Vampire's mythology has grown more complex, Mage has worked out the metaphysics of magick and Wraith has defined the Underworld, so White Wolf have decided on a thorough overhaul, and right glad I am they did.

Now the Shemsu-heru (aka the "Children of Horus" or simply the "Reborn") are worked out in greater detail. There's more background on ancient Egypt and the Osirian League, a sort of United Nations of shapeshifters, mages and mummies dedicated to destroying Set's minions. To widen the options, the Ishmaelites are mummies who have turned their backs on Horus' crusade, while the Cabiri are European infidels who somehow got their hands on the Great Rite and wound up immortal. There are also the enigmatic "Others", so now you can have mummies from darkest Africa or Aztec Meso-America or whereverthehell. The Code of Horus gives the Shemsu-heru goals and a set of laws (more honoured in the breach than the observance) and their political structure, with Viziers monitoring supernatural activities in every continent, is explained. All of this puts the mummies, though few in number, on a footing with the Kindred, Garou and Mages as Shakers & Movers in the World of Darkness.

Character generation resembles the 1st Ed., but is more consistent with the other Storyteller rules - and incidentally you need one rulebook, probably Vampire, to make use of all this. The Virtues of Memory, Joy and Integrity tie into a neat little mechanic for exploring the soul-destroying attrition of so many lifetimes, so many memories. Lots of mummies go mad. Egyptian magic, Hekau, is revised: it's now simple, relatively maths-free and compatible with Mage's True Magick and Vampire's Thaumaturgy. It's powerful, too, but somewhat narrow in focus.

The big news is about the Underworld, now treated from a Wraith perspective. Neter-khertet, the Egyptian Shadowlands, gets its own history, then it's off to Amenti, the Dark Kingdom of Sand. This little realm in the Tempest is a recreation of pharaonic Egypt, ruled by Osiris himself and guarded by Anubis, the Ferryman. Way cool. Full crossover rules are provided, which make "dead" mummies into tough cookies in the Underworld.

We conclude with interesting NPCs, character templates and a beefing-up of the nasty Bane Mummies, now gifted with Powers and Taints like the Fomori in Freak Legion.

Overall: Lots of thought and research has gone into making this just about as good as it can possibly be. Mummy ties into just about all the other Storyteller games in a big way: the Reborn make great "wild cards" in a Vampire or Mage chronicle, have historical alliances with werewolves and the treatment of the Underworld expands the Wraith cosmology too.

Review by Jon Rowe

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