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Kawaii 5.0

Anime Miniatures Game

Flaky Panda Productions

32pp - [sterling]3.50

Kawaii, in case you didn't know, is Japanese for 'cute.' Kawaii is very big in anime, but most of the miniatures games based on the genre take their inspiration from the cyberpunk scenarios of urban combat. Kawaii 5.0 is rooted in the other style of anime mayhem, where big guns and psychic blasts are deployed in the services of slapstick.

Each figure on the table is defined by a set of stats, in the same manner as a role-playing character. Attempting to do something involves rolling against a task die, modified for difficulty, and by any skills the character possesses. Combat is resolved by opposing rolls made by each character. All very simple and elegant. If I did have a quibble it would be the minor one that weapon ranges seem far too short for 25mm scale figures, but that would probably mean I was in grave danger of taking the whole thing much too seriously.

These rules are strongly recommended for manga/anime fans of all persuasions, especially those with an existing collection of Pandamonium figures; mainstream wargamers will probably find them a little too specialised. But within their niche, they do what they set out to do extremely well.

Reviewed by: Alex Stewart

Product supplied by: Flaky Panda Productions

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