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High Crusade

SF Miniatures Wargame

Wessex Games

20pp - [sterling]2.50

High Crusade has been around for a couple of years now, but the arrival of a second edition makes it worth taking another look at. Many of the revisions are purely cosmetic; it's now in an easier-to-read A4 format, instead of the old A5 booklet, and the army lists at the back have been expanded. As well as the stats for Alternative Armies' Ion Age figure range, a new appendix provides stats for Ground Zero Games' Stargrunt miniatures, thus making it easier to link High Crusade and Iron Cow scenarios into a single campaign.

The rules themselves are as simple and elegant as they ever were. Players issue their fireteams with orders at the start of every turn, and their opponents attempt to jam them, issuing spurious orders of their own if they succeed. The type of orders a team receives will affect their ability to move and shoot in that turn.

Combat itself follows the pattern familiar from Steve Blease's other games, Flintloque and Iron Cow, where a single percentile roll determines the chance of a hit, and the damage caused. Morale is treated more abstractly than in Flintloque, however.

There are gaps in the system, most notably a lack of vehicle rules, but these are easy enough to work out if you want them. What you do get is a set of simple, fast play rules for infantry skirmishes, intended as a basic introductory set for the wargaming novice, but which experienced players will find subtle and challenging enough for an enjoyable evening's play. And when you consider that you can buy High Crusade and all the figures you'll need for a quarter the price of Warhammer 40K, it's hard to think of a better introduction to SF skirmish gaming.

Reviewed by: Alex Stewart

Product supplied by: Wessex Games

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