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Fallen Angels
Metropolis Ltd.
[sterling]10.99 - 122pp

Limited to an English language edition of 3000, Fallen Angels is Metropolis' second release for Kult. It's basically a sourcebook for New York City with three inter-linked adventures that can be played in sequence or as one off campaign fillers.

The section on NYC is quite small, but then there is so much material to be found in real life, that anyone should be able to elaborate on the facts to be found here. This section is used more as a mood setter and to fire your imagination, as you read, you'll find that your mind starts to fly off at tangents and start to create its own adventures.

Most people view NYC in a fairly dark light anyway - with pictures of the starving, the violence, and the gang warfare - but in Kult, things are a hell of a lot darker. The whole city teeters on the edge of the illusion. The barriers between our 'reality' and the 'true reality' have worn thin and have long been crumbling into decay. Even the good that has resided in the city has become tainted by the extreme violence and corruption.

Secret government experiments at Columbia University and the advance of the Wilderness of Gaia in Central Park and other 'green' areas of the city, things are not good. Especially when you throw in the Police Death Squads and the mass-murdering Jackals into the picture, it's no wonder that many see the local gangs as the last line of protection for the people.

The adventures are good, my only complaint being that they presuppose too much. The PCs have to be friends with Elizabeth Seymour (the adventure link, with a whole chapter devoted to her and her family) and this, added with a couple of other things, could cause existing parties some trouble unless modifications are made to both them and the plotline.

Overall: This is a good supplement that lends some excellent background ideas for not only Kult, but for any modern 'dark' RPG.

Reviewed By: Angus Abranson

Product Supplied by: Gamecraft Ltd.

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