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Europa Incident
Ianus Publications
[sterling]8.95 - 80pp

"A Jovian Chronicles adventure sourcebook" is what it says on the cover, and they're right. This isn't really a sourcebook for Mekton; it merely uses the Mekton rules as a handy system for hanging their own campaign on. It works. Set in our own solar system in the year 2212, two years after the events in Jovian Chronicles, it charts the exploits of the various governments in their attempts to bend the others to their will.

The main appeal of this type of familiar background is the intimacy. We already know so much about earth and the solar system. When you say Marts or Venus you don't have to explain what and where they are, the players already know. It makes the referee's work so much easier.

Inside, the books states that you do not need to own a copy of Jovian Chronicles to use Europa Incident. I'd say that using it without the first part is something akin to reading the Two Towers before reading Fellowship of the Ring; good book, but who's this hobbit dude? That said, and assuming you have taken this point to heart and rushed out and purchased a copy of the Jovian Chronicles, it is hard to fault the book.

There are five sections to the book although it can be divided into two parts; the adventure - The Europa Incident of the title, and the background.

The adventure takes up a mind bogglingly short 7 pages! It does, however, refer you to other pieces of kit dotted throughout the book. A well packaged little escapade, it should keep referees and players alike, equally amused. Suffice to say, it involves Europa, on of Jupiter's moons and disappearing space ships. "Is there more to this than meets the eye?" It says on the back cover. Probably.

The major bulk of the book is background. There are seven new exo-armours, two new ship types and updated stat-sheets for the Sabre tooth Tiger and Sand Stalker road strikers. There's also a nice section on military organisations in the solar system with rank badges and medals á la Battletech. I particularly liked the new extended range fire rules. Loads of goodies in fact.

Overall: An excellent product with few faults. As a stand alone adventure for Mekton it is very difficult to get to grips with. If you already have Jovian Chronicles then you certainly won't be disappointed by Europa Incident. The next one in the series is going to be Nomads. Can't wait.

Review by: John Robertson

Product Supplied by Hobbygames

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