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Fate of Fools (Pawns of Destiny)
Chaosium Inc.
[sterling]7.95 - 62pp

Fate of Fools is a combined adventure/supplement for use with Elric!, Chaosium's revamped version of their popular Stormbringer game based on the worlds created by author, Michael Moorcock. Stuffed into the 62 pages are two adventures and snippets of information concerning fascinating locations that provide settings for many of Elric's epic adventures.

The first adventure, The Book of Brilliant Things, is really going to appeal to those GMs who like to run free-form games. You're given an introduction to the plot, i.e. what has gone on before the adventurers become involved, a timeline of what other NPCs are up to and then the rest is left up to you. Sufficient details are given with regard to NPCs and locations, and really, this is all you should need for this adventure. The players are then left on their own to fathom things out and wander the streets of Raschil and Casandria.

The Book of Brilliant Things will make a great one or two night adventure and should leave the players with either friendly NPC contacts throughout the city, or scrambling for a one way ticket on the first demon out of town.

The second adventure, Four Seasons, is a more delving, possibly classic, campaign style adventure. It could, at a push, be condensed into two or three gaming sessions, but I think it deserves more. It takes the characters on a hike that takes in such sights as The Weeping Wastes and The Sighing Desert in a year long campaign (game time) with love as its driving factor. Many more adventure opportunities show themselves during the quest, and I think I'll be saving this adventure until a time more information becomes available. Again this adventure could be constructed as free form, but it does tend a little more to the linear style than Book of Brilliant Things. And, if you choose to go with one particular optional ending, please send photos of your players' faces to me care of the editorial address!

Both scenarios have no defined ending. Things could go several ways and pointers are given to several possible outcomes - some of which are not favourable to the characters. Something that both adventures also have in common is the "nemesis" factor - this means that the PCs cannot drag their feet. Throughout both scenarios they are constantly in competition with other forces questing for the same thing, something that Mr. Moorcock's books dwell quite heavily on for that extra touch of added excitement.

Overall: I cannot fault either of these adventures. They both set out to do what they intend, and both follow the style of urgent epic journeys, love, and sadness portrayed in the Elric sagas. If I were to make a complaint, then it is the fact that only skimpy details exist throughout of the lands that the players must navigate to fulfil their quest. I hope that there will be a following sourcebook that deals with this. [yen]

Review by Stig
Product supplied by Chaosium Inc.

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