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Denver - The City of Shadows
Campaign Set
FASA Corp.
Boxed Set - [sterling]15.95

Welcome, Chummer, to the Treaty City. You've got to tread carefully here, more so than perhaps anywhere you can name. Denver is the crossroads for six nations and the centre of most of North America's black market dealings. Denver is a hotbed of fear and paranoia just waiting for some simple thing to go wrong so that it can erupt into some poor excuse for hell.

The Denver box set contains two books, the players and the GMs, that have over 200 pages between them and a poster sized map (whose colours don't seem to totally correspond to those on the table given! - you can make most of them out, but don't try telling me where Pueblo and Atzlan are at a glance!), and a pair of security/travel passes for two of the city's sectors. I got permits for the Pueblo and UTE sectors but the others on offer are Atzlan, CAS, Sioux, or UCAS.

As I've already mentioned, the Denver sector map suffers from a slight colour co-ordination problem. Luckily, the Downtown (FRFZ) map is a lot better with a clear points of interest table to the right of it showing the locations of the major buildings in the area.

The players' book is 168 pages long and written in much the same style as other Shadowrun sourcebooks such as Tir Tairngire an The Seattle Sourcebook. It contains public access information with added comments from various hackers, anarchists and deckers. A short history of the city of Denver is provided along with a quick overview of the state of Colorado. The book then goes into lengthy discussion on Denver in 2055 and the status of the real power behind the city - the black market network. Then comes the information on Nexus, or the Denver Data Haven as it's often called, from its humble origins on the Internet and, later, the Matrix. If someone wants to hide some data of dirty washing away from the world, or wishes to be simply subversive without the listening ears of the corporates, then this is the best place to do it - if you can find the correct paths through Shadowland and other pirate nets that is.

Detailing the six sectors that make Denver what it is takes up nearly half of the players book. You do get a lot of information for your money though. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to live in a city that has six sets of laws, six governments etc. You come away from it realising that the only way Denver can exist and hold itself together is through its underworld dealings.

The gamesmaster book (62 pages) provides additional information on the people, places and events mentioned in the players book. It also gives you three versions of background info. that your players won't know. These will not only allow you to create your own truth of what Denver really is, but throughout the book each version of the truth is rated. The easiest rating for each will mean that it is reasonably straightforward without too many hidden plots, while the last is really twisted and nasty, and usually leaves your players totally screwed up at the end of it all.

New and previously printed rules from a variety of sourcebooks are also included to help out those new to the Shadowrun game and who would prefer an alternative setting than that of Seattle. This is generally speaking an interesting read but does leave most of the actual reality of the city up to the individual GM

Overall: A good supplement but, as is usual in these campaign sets, be prepared to put in the work to make it complete.

Review by Angus Abranson

Product supplied FASA Corporation

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