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Cold Iron

Wargame Scenarios

Felix Enterprises

40pp - [sterling]3.95

Fantasy wargames can start to get a little stereotyped; elves are hippy tree-huggers, orcs are big, dim, and violent, dwarves are short and stroppy, and everyone hates everyone else. Line 'em up and roll the dice...

If this sounds familiar, Cold Iron could be just what you need to put a little spice back into your fantasy battles. A neat, well laid-out A4 booklet, containing six well-crafted scenarios that get a long way away from predictable stereotypes. Although they're perfectly playable as stand-alone

engagements, most players will want to run them as the designer intended, as part of a continuing campaign.

The twist is that, instead of a conventional clash between different races, the battles are between opposing factions in a civil war among the dwarves. This is one of those ideas that's so brilliant it's obvious, once someone else thought of it first...

Each scenario is clearly set out, with an initial paragraph or two filling in the background to the engagement; what each side's doing there, their orders and motivation, and so on. Subsequent sections elaborate on the type of engagement (Opposed River Crossing, Desperate Last Stand, and the like), battlefield conditions (Dry and Sunny, Muddy and Slippery, that sort of thing), significant terrain features, victory conditions for each side, special rules applying to this battle (like the presence of a renowned hero on one side or the other, or the chance of wet weather rendering gunpowder weapons useless), and the forces involved. All this data is presented descriptively, allowing you to apply whatever rule modifications are appropriate for the rule set you prefer. I'd guess Warhammer, Raven, and Hordes of the Things will be particularly popular.

All in all, a superb product, well worth the asking price. Felix tell me that this is intended as the first release in a range of generic scenario packs for SF, Fantasy, and historical wargames; if they can maintain these standards, it's a range no tabletop gamer will be able to ignore.

Reviewed by: Alex Stewart

Product supplied by: Felix Enterprises

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