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In the Abyss


AD&D Planescape


[sterling]6.99 - 32pp + Card Screen

First impressions: What, you mean the player characters are supposed to go skipping off across the Abyss on the trail of a giant, floating penis! Seriously, if you get chance to check this product out with its shrink wrap removed, take a look at the map of the Ship of Chaos on the inside of the gatefold card. Which brings me nicely to my first point....

This adventure and the adventure below (The Deva Spark) both come in the Planescape adventure format. There's a flimsy wrap around slip of paper around the outside and a gatefold GM's screen with all maps and relevant information on the inside (and wonderful artwork on the outside). Contained within there is a slim booklet - type is only small, however, so don't panic you're still getting a full adventure for your [sterling]6.00 - size isn't everything.

So, what about this penis? The phallus in question is a Ship of Chaos - just one of seven built by the mighty tanar'ri in conjunction with the entropic Doomguard and mentioned in The Book of Chaos (which also has a large rampant phallus on the front of it) from the Planes of Chaos boxed set (subtle hint - go buy it).

Let's forget about the other six ship, this particular ship is one that your berks and bashers have got to keep up with as it winds its merry way through the Abyss pointing its entropy devices at all and sundry.

Your PCs are either motivated into action (if they belong to one of the many factions) or are hired by "people" with an outside interest in the matter (such as the General Assurance Company) to steal/destroy the ship after it has gone "rogue" on some Doomguards who have taken the vessel as payment for their work. Truth is, it's on its way back to its creators and there's going to be fun and games aplenty if it reaches its destination with the players in tow.

Overall: A jolly romp through the nether regions of the Abyss, although I found this adventure far too linear, but it's probably worth if for some great images of the abyss, both in descriptive terms and the full colour plates.

Review by Mrs Stig Freud

Product supplied by TSR UK Ltd.

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