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25 Jan 99 14:28:36 EST


On the January 21st episode of the sitcom known as "Jesse", NBC began what I have heard described as a general attack on the gaming community.

In the episode, the title character went on a date with her math teacher. The math teacher said that they were going to a "club" he knew. The "club" turned out to be a Dungeons & Dragons gaming session.

The episode became more offensive after that. When the Dungeon Master appeared, the players actually got on their knees and apparently worshipped him. (This is actually something that anti-gaming groups have accused us of.) Furthermore, the players acted like they were completely and utterly out of touch with reality - Jesse had to ask for a "magic voice transporter" to find out where the phone was, for instance. We were called "geeks" multiple times, and when Jesse called one friend and told her she was playing Dungeons & Dragons the friend yelled "GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!" The friend then went on to tell her that the only way to get out of the game was to have her character die.

The gaming community in general (or at least those I have talked to) finds this offensive and inappropriate. Therefore we are beginning a protest against NBC, as of NOW.

For more information on the NBC protest, please visit the official homepage at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dungeon/9016/index.html

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