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Small Talk Contest #1 -- Save Joe Gear!!

(with apologies to those nice chaps at Dream Pod 9)

 "Sergent! We have cornered Joe Gear. He cannot escape." Caporal Tanienne sounded rather excited over the comm.

"Do not be so certain, Caporal Tanienne. Joe Gear is not easily captured prey. You must use extreme caution with him."

Joe Gear sized up the enemy. Five Allied Southern Territory Jagers. And he only had a Black Mamba. Joe clenched his fists, took and a deep breath, and readied himself. Five against one. He almost felt sorry for them.

For our first ever contest here at Small Talk, we thought we would take a look at Heavy Gear. Heavy Gear is not your father's giant robot game -- it is a whole new world, full of strong characters, amazing technology, and incredible stories.


Now, on to the contest.


This contest pits Joe Gear, piloting a stolen Black Mamba, against a full cadre of Jagers. Your mission? Get Joe Gear out of there alive. And, since Joe Gear is a Terra Novan movie star, you'll have to do it in as creative a way as possible. Got it? Creativity and flashness will be just as important as realism. (Although realism is important, too!)

 Here are the specific stats to keep in mind.

 Starting Locations:

 Joe Gear gets 3 Command Points. Such is the beauty of fame.

 Your mission: Get Joe Gear out of this mess alive, and with as much style as possible.

 All entries will be judged by the crack panel of SMALL TALK play-testers. The winning entry will be posted to a future Small Talk column, and the winner will receive the latest Heavy Gear book.

 You've got three weeks. Get to it, Gearheads.

 Any questions regarding this contest can be directed to Warmaster@rpg.net. All curiosity about Heavy Gear should go directly to http://www.dp9.com.







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