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Nocturnum Contest Winners!

Our "Nocturnum" contest drew many responses, ranging from well-crafted 1-paragraph vignettes through to full-length stories. RPGnet appreciates the efforts of the contest-winners, and looks forward to seeing their writing appear in publications in the future, no doubt!

The contest details are still available (for the historically-minded), and entries will remain on this site. Entries are, of course, covered by copyright and permission is needed by the authors in order to present these works elsewhere (email contest@rpg.net for contact details).

And remember, these are just a few reasons to fear the unknown.

First Place!

I hate the country, and I ain't goin' back

by Dan Davenport

Second Place!

When Things Go Wrong

by Rick Neal

The water is hot, almost hotter than I can stand. As I lather up my hands with soap, I look into the medicine cabinet mirror. I'm not surprised to see that I'm crying. I don't want to look at the expression on my face, but I can't, just can't, look at the way the water in the sink is turning a bright red colour.

I told him. He didn't want to listen, but I told him. Stupid Arts major. Sciences teach you what you need. Centa is hundred. Centi is hundredth. The circle was far too small. Centa. Hundred. Not hundredth.

There's the sound of movement back in the living room, something wet and weak flopping on the hardwood floor. A whimper escapes from my throat, as I turn and leave the bathroom,picking my way past the ring of candles, to the shape on the floor in front of the coffee table we used as an altar. I pick up the knife and close my eyes as I bend down. The thing in my mind chuckles, and the rest of me screams silently as I finish the job.

Centa. Hundred.

Third Place!


by Peter Devlin

A selection of Runner Up entries

We hope you enjoyed these entries, and again, our thanks to the participants! Until next time...

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