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Nocturnum: The Unstoppable Contest

This Unstoppable Contest is over and here are the winning entries!.

For those who are curious, the original contest specifications are included below.

In honor of our first computer explosion, and with the generous help of Fantasy Flight Games, we're having a deep, dark contest about when things go wrong. And we're offering three copies of Nocturnum as prizes, for those who act before July 7!

We're going for short writing creativity with this. Write the best horror, Lovecraftian, or 'great master' prose on the theme of unstoppable terror, catastrophic disaster, or darkness itself. Gothic, vampire, existential, it's all equally worth babbling insanely about to us. You can write of a dark night, an unstoppable disaster, or a moment of terror. Anything that evokes horror.

Submit your short prose. You get bonus points for pieces that involve unexpected night, personal terror, and lovecraftian horror. Entries will be taken and judged by our RPGnet staff (plus one hamster) and the best selections (in term of prose quality, creativity, and edible content) will win a free copy of the Call of Cthulhu sourcebook, "Nocturnum".

And, we'll web-publish the best entries for your fame to spread wide and far. Entries need not be long, simply elegant, evocative, or even humorous. But they must involve terror.

RPGnet: Your Home For Unstoppable Terror.

  • When Things Go Wrong
  • The Unstoppable
  • Darkness Reigns
  • A Moment of Terror
  • The Final Word
  • Nocturnum II
  • Other



    Entries will be collected, checked, and decided upon. This contest ends Tuesday, July 7-- so act quickly!

    This is RPGnet Contest #7. All the usual disclaimers apply. Offer void where prohibited. All decisions are final. This contest is provided for entertainment purposes only. All entries become the property of RPGnet. RPGnet is not responsible for incomplete or non-received entries. RPGnet retains the right to cancel this contest at any time, though we never do.

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