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The Guiding Hand is Over!

Or, at least, the contest for the Blood of the Valiant is over. Blood of the Valiant cover

Ronin Publishing has published the Guiding Hand sourcebook, by Chris Pramas. As the first licensed Feng Shui book since the fall of Daedalus, we were happy to run a contest to give out three as prizes. And without further ado, our three winners are:

  1. Joe Iglesias
  2. Dave Van Domelan
  3. Tim Byrd

For what it's worth, both Dave and Tim earned valuable bonus points (redeemable for good karma) for catching that the Shadowfist card "Sacred Heart Hospital" is actually spelled incorrectly; in "The Killer", the hospital was the Scared Heart Hospital. Ah, the nuances of HK film!

We're notifying the winners, after which the books will be delivered by direct special courier aboard the RPGnet Lear jet, along with... wait, one moment... oops, sorry, I've just been informed that the Lear is in the shop. Okay, we'll use the post office.

Below are the most common correct answers. No one guessed that the entire contest was an Ascended plot to disinform and confuse the public, but a few people did catch the ambiguitity (if not inanity) of some of the questions. We were liberal in our grading! We took the 3 most accurate and complete answers to award one prize to, then awarded the other two based on random drawing from the otherwise correct answers, to help account for the vagueness of some of the questions. Thus better answers were rewarded, but everyone had a good shot if they got things right.

Five Questions to Harmory

1. Name five movies starring Chow Yung Fat.

Some of the movies listed included: The Banquet * A Better Tomorrow * A Better Tomorrow 2 * A Better Tomorrow 3 (thank goodness no one brought up "Return to a Better Tomorrow) * Black Vengeance * Bullet In The Head * City On Fire * Code of Honor * The Executioner * Flaming Brothers * Full Contact * God of Gamblers * God of Gambers 2 * God of Gamblers Return * God of Killers * Hard Boiled * Hong Kong 1941 * Once A Thief * Peace Hotel * Prison On Fire * Prison on Fire II * Replacement Killers * The Seventh Curse * Tiger on the Beat * Treasure Hunt

We confess that we were amused by the otherwise totally wrong Australian entry that listed them as:

  1. There was that one with the asian guy
  2. Wasn't there that martial arts one too?
  3. And that one with the big gun.
  4. Umm...What about that one where he nearly dies
  5. And of course that one where he gets the girl

2. Who plays the lead in the Once Upon a Time in China series? "Jet Li" was the answer we took, though several people more accurately included Lao Wen Zhiou as well, who popped in for #4 and #5.

3. What character in Feng Shui represents Chow Yung Fat's character in the Killer? Ummm... the Killer, perhaps? This was poorly phrased, so we took any reasonable answer. The best answer was given by one of the winners, who guessed: "Dirk Wisely? He never names himself in the opening narrative, except that he ain't no Renny. Steve's brother.".

4. In the Shadowfist card game there is a card with a picture of the Sacred Heart Hospital on it. What HK movie is that based on? The Killer is the only answer for that one.

5. Which of these archetypes is least likely to be in "Blood of the Valiant" Hint-- it was "RPGnet Reviewer"-- though famous, we are not yet up to the level of an archetype. Though we appreciate those entries that suggested we were!

Wong portrait That's it for this contest, then! For more details on the book or Feng Shui, visit Ronin Publishing.

Thanks again for playing!

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