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Contest #3!

"Vengeance is Mine"

Action! Adventure! One-liners! "Extreme Vengeance" has it all, and we have two free copies to give out! We reviewed it, and now we're giving 'em all away (well, all except the copy I keep under my pillow at nights.)

Can you write? Can you really, really write? If so, you might want to skip this contest. We're looking for bad prose, heavy-handed monologues, and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Here's the contest:

We want movie cliches, foaming attitudes, and wacky wordplay. Pick any style you like-- rapid-fire Willis quips, doom-saying Hamiltonesques, ponderous Stallonisms, whichever suits your action genre. (Jackie Chan bits in Chinese will, unfortunately, need to be dubbed for our benefit.)

Again, send all entries to (or, if you prefer, postal mail or other means are fine, but no promises on whether it'll get to the right desk.) Entries will be accepted up until July 31, 1997, at which point a decision will be rendered and announced. Winning entries (and any other really good bits) will go up on our humor page, bringing instant fame and kudos to the author.

That's it. All the usual disclaimers apply. Offer void where prohibited. Entries will be judged on a subjective basis for humor value. All decisions are final. This contest is provided for entertainment purposes only. All entries become the property of RPGnet, and RPGnet retains the right to web-publish any entries on their site. RPGnet is not responsible for incomplete or non-received entries. RPGnet retains the right to cancel this contest at any time. In the event of rain, no refunds will be issued.

Bring 'em on!

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p.s. our hidden contest still is on, and there are 4 prizes yet to be claimed! Find the 5 hidden pages, complete the phrase, and win!

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