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No Gnus is Good Gnus

By Robert E. Allen III

July 28, 1998

Miss one little column, and the whole world goes nuts. Okay, since I don't want any confusion, here is what happened. My house caught a lightning bolt. It wasn't pretty. But it fried most of my electronics, including my computer. In the meantime, I have been able to catch up on my reading (check for all of the reviews I got to finish)

What else? Well, some changes are coming to the War Corner. I am finally putting up some pics, and adding some battle reports and such. I am also putting together a list of some fine fan sites so, if you know a good miniatures and wargames site, e-mail it to me and I will check it out. There are a lot of people who put a lot of effort into their sites, they deserve recognition.

And now the news.


Jean Carrieres, Senior Line Editor of Dream Pod 9, has left to pursue other things. (Rumored to be "a real job". We at Small Talk wish Jean well; and hope that this is not grim tidings for Dream Pod 9...

3rd Edition 40,000 is almost guaranteed to be Games Workshop's fall 1998 release. While every sort of rumor is flying around about the changes that are being made to the game (easily the most popular game in its genre), Games Workshop staff are incredibly tight lipped. Judging from the improvements made from 1st Edition to 2nd, this reporter looks forward to the revisions. However, given the alterations made from Titan Legions/Space Marine 2nd Edition to Epic 40,000....there is cause for some concern. A radical departure from the old system could leave many players eternally angry with Games Workshop. As if there weren't enough of them already.

CLAN WAR, the new game from Alderac Entertainment, brings the award-winning world of Rokugan and the Legend of the Five Rings to the tabletop. Designed by Ken Carpenter, this August release will feature all sorts of Samurai, Ninja and Shujenka battling for the honor of their clans.

Rumor has it that STARSEIGE, the Agents of Gaming adaptation of the coming computer game of the same name, has been put on hold. More as we hear it.

No news has come in regarding the lawsuit between Games Workshop and Demonblade. However, we've seen no recent Demonblade releases...coincidence?

Still waiting for White Wolf's TRINITY: BATTLEGROUND game system. Last we heard, it is an August release. Head to head with CLAN WAR. Should be fun.

With the reported death of West End Games, no one knows the status of their partnership with Global Games with the new edition of STAR WARS MINIATURES BATTLES. A true pity that we might miss out on this game in the most famous sci-fi property.

Speaking of famous sci-fi properties....Last Unicorn Games now has the rights for Star Trek RPGs and miniatures. Expect to see their spaceship combat game, ENGAGE!, in the next year.

Oddly, no word from Task Force Games, makers of STAR FLEET BATTLES over that last story.

STALINGRAD, the historical game to interest sci-fi and fantasy miniature gamers, should be out soon. The free preview rules make this look like a game to watch. (Review coming when we get to see the figures....)

Tuomas Pirnen, Games Workshop's Finnish wonder, is working on a new game for Games Workshop which is skirmish-level Warhammer. If you like what he's got in White Dwarf #223 and #224, write the studio and let them know about it. If the people speak, the bosses will listen.

Small Talk's current favorite skirmish-level game, CHRONOPIA, is going full steam. The miniatures keep getting better and better, and will the nearly-quarterly release of new game books, the fans are enjoying it.

Pinnacle Entertainment, makers of DEADLANDS and THE GREAT RAIL WARS, are taking the Weird West into the far future. Whether there will be a GREAT RAIL WARS supplement for this is anybody's guessbut this report sure hopes so. GREAT RAIL WARS won the Origins award for a reason it is a damn good game!

A universal miniatures game? THE WAY OF WAR, a game from The Cabil, promises to be the GURPS of miniatures gaming. We'll be the judge when we see it.

That's the news, I am Robert Allen


What else? What are you people playing these days? I am trying to get an army painted while I look forward to Games Workshop's Warhammer Grand Tournament 1999. I will post the trials and tribulations and the wins and losses of my Dark Elves on my ROAD TO THE GRAND TOURNY. (Of course, given the shoddy system of entrants getting into the Grand Tournament, I might not even make it inbut such is the price of journalism)

Alright, that's all for now.

Feedback, complaints, etc. to Warmaster@rpg.net

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What do you think?

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