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Mini Reviews of Minis

Robert E. Allen III March 14, 2000

Flintloque Miniatures

First, a few notes. I have pretty much decided that reviewing miniatures is damn near impossible. For one, its mostly subjective. Its a piece of art and what I like in art may not be what anyone else likes.

So, this is mostly for your viewing pleasure. I am going to have the painter of the particular piece talk about the painting process on a particular miniature but even that isnt a review per se.

Either way, enjoy.

This gentleman is LE030, Marshall Sault by Alternative Armies. Sculpted by Bob Naismith. Painting by Damon Dorsey. Terrain by Warzone Terrain Creations.




 A pair of Dark Elf Caballeros by Alternative Armies. Painted by Damon Dorsey. Terrain by Warzone Terrain Creations.


And here are Damon's comments on those above pieces:

Flintloque figures are a joy to paint, a real quality product (see, he said it wasn't going to be a review. . . now I've gone and done it). But I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true because it just means that Rob will send me more to paint.

Let's start with the quality of the castings themselves. There was very little flash to remove on any of these figures. What flash there is usually resides on the base and easily trims off. The mold lines are fairly clean and if you're lazy like me that's a great benefit. Everything on the figures is well defined, so you won't find yourself trying to figure out where the shirt ends and the neck begins or some such nonsense. Best of all, you don't have to paint one bulging bicep. The figures look like real people (other than the fact that they're elves or zombies). What exaggeration there is usually makes the figures look refreshingly thin and lanky as opposed to the short squat powerhouse-people that are all too common in miniature gaming.

The sculpting is well done. The textures are convincing and easy to work with and the faces lend themselves easily to the painting of believable expressions.

Sault and the Dark Elves even came with their own "painting guide": an item-by-item breakdown of their uniforms and equipment with suggested colors. For those of us who may not feel "historically-savvy" this was a nice touch. And, if you don't want the company telling you what color to paint Sault's bicorn, the "painting guide" is just a small piece of paper and you can easily throw it away.

However, I recommend not throwing it away until after you've checked your dictionary and satisfied yourself that you know what the heck a bicorn is.



Undead from the Deadloque boxed set. Russian Undead, I must admit, scare the hell out of me. Painted by Damon Dorsey.




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What do you think?

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