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Life of Sin

By Kris and Rick Havlak
December 20, 2001
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Okay, so no Monkey Pit Fighting™ yet... we have a nice little traditional card game for you this month, with the hilarious d20 supplement coming out in all its glory in January. If you have any questions or comments, post at the forum or e-mail gggames@gggames.net. And make sure to visit our website (gggames.net)-- We’ve got our epic card game, Shady Acres, available for just four bucks.

Sin=Fun. Hell=Bad.

These two equations pretty much sum up human morality. Fortunately, you can confess your sin, keep your fun, and go to heaven. However, doing so in a way to maximize fun can be tricky. Hence...

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A “Traditional” Card Game from Green Goblin Games
For 2+ players

You need:
1 Deck of Cards
A Six-sided Die

Object: To end the game with the most fun. However, you get no fun if you go to hell, so you’ll need to get to heaven (think no sin left on your soul).

Setup: Remove the ace of diamonds from the deck. Shuffle the remainder and cut the deck. Shuffle the ace of diamonds into one half of the deck, and place this half on the bottom of the other half. Deal each player 5 cards.
If playing with more than one deck, shuffle all the diamonds into the bottom quarter of the deck.

Play: One player starts and play then rotates to the left. On a turn, a player draws one card to increase his/her hand to 5 (if needed), and then plays one card.


Spades and Clubs
These cards represent sin. When they are played they bestow both fun and sin upon the player. The amount of fun/sin is based on the numerical value of the card (with Jacks being 11, Queens 12, Kings 13, and Aces 14).

These represent forgiveness. They are played on a stack (one or more) of sin cards that have been previously played. The sin cards under the heart are “forgiven,” and placed in a separate pile as the main playing area. The fun bestowed by the sin remains (this is the way you rack up fun without going to hell). However, since repentance isn’t very fun, you lose a number of fun points equal to the face value of the heart (Jacks 11, Queens 12, Kings 13, and Aces ONE).

These are the special cards, and have an effect based on the numeric value.

2-7 These cards represent “Good, clean fun” such as bible songs, reenacting the old testament (esp. the violent parts), and Christian rock. Gain fun equal to the face value of the card, but gain no sin.

8-9 These are sickness cards which are played on another player. That player may take one more action (like confessing on your deathbed) and then dies.

10 Plague. All players may take one more action (including the person who played this card) and then die.

Jack, Queen, King God’s vengeance. All players with more than 20 sin are stuck dead instantly (and thus go to hell and LOSE!)

Ace Judgment Day. The game immediately ends when this card is DRAWN (not played).

Ending the Game: The game ends when the Judgment Day card is drawn, when all players are dead, or when only one player is left alive and that player takes one final turn. What happens to the players is based on their level of sin:
0 Sin-- Go to Heaven. Your score equals your final fun points.
1-9 Sin-- Go to Purgatory. Begin rolling the six-sided die. When a 6 is rolled, you make it to Heaven and total your fun, but each for each roll made one fun is subtracted from your score.
10+ Sin-- Hell. You lose. Score zero.

Multi-Round Games:
Since the length of a game is somewhat random and likely to have ties n’ such, it is recommended that an actual match consist of 10 to 20 hands of Life of Sin™. Keep a running tally of points for each player, and the player with the most fun at the very end wins.

Some tips for playing Life of Sin™:
Every time a forgiveness card (heart) is played, you lose fun, so don’t immediately forgive every sin.
Going over 9 sin is risky, and going over 20 sin is even more risky, so do so only when necessary.
Never underestimate the value of good, clean fun.
Save special diamonds for moments when opponents are vulnerable.
Watch other players’ actions-- if they are building up sin, it’s unlikely they’ll play a diamond face card. If they’re cautiously forgiving every sin, pull ahead by playing multiple sin cards before forgiveness.
Giving alcohol to your opponents increases your chances of winning.

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