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Facts and Fancies: Information to Myths


by Liz Rich
October 17, 2001  

"You've heard that dolphins are intelligent? You don't know the half of it." Atlantis Resident

This was said a few days before the great wall of water crashed down across Atlantis, burying the continent and creating legends for eons to come. But is there any connection between this half-hearted comment and the destruction of Atlantis?

This was originally intended to be a series of articles outlining strange news and its possible repercussions in the patchwork creations we create, but then I realized that by the time I wrote and had my writing posted the topics would no longer be news. So instead of examining old news, I decided to pull together any odd facts I could find, mash in the news that caught my eye and season it with myths and fancies. The dolphins had nothing to do with my decision. Really.

The important thing is that no information is wasted in the quest to breathe life into the pseudo-realities that are created with every character, and every game. The woman seen crossing the street in bare feet while being led by a bearded man may suddenly find herself fleeing pizza delivering vampires in Oregon, or find herself in a small hotel in Istanbul shooting pigeons. And all this through a chance encounter on the streets near the docks with a stranger she would most likely never remember seeing.

The funny thing with Chance, or Fate as she prefers to be called, is that when teamed with Motivation, She becomes an unstoppable force. Every step taken is later revealed to be a planned and important action, inescapable. She leads you forward with the promise of answers or success and only vanishes when it's too late to back away from the quagmire She has sunk you in. But Her worship will light the way to innumerable adventures.

I first felt the influence of the dolphins a few weeks ago when casting about for an interesting news article to begin my writing. Within the space of a few minutes, I found one detailing the intelligence of dolphins, and a friend sent me another showing the self-awareness of dolphins. Not only do dolphins communicate among themselves with clicks and whistles, but they are also given names by their mothers and some are learning to communicate with people. Or is it that people are finally learning to communicate with them?

They are also self aware; when written on with markers they'll swim to the nearest reflective surface and examine themselves. This makes dolphins the third animal known to recognize itself in a mirror, the other two being humans and great apes. Clearly, they were trying to communicate with me. Not content with mere articles, they manipulated Fate to bring me to Edmonton, where two of their kind jump, whistle and brainwash spectators thrice daily. You can see the effects of brainwashing from the childlike glee on the faces of all who watch them. All those who viewed the dolphins wore mirthful smiles for a long while after.

But it was here that they made their fatal error. The error that showed me the truth of their nefarious scheme, and the extent to which they have effected the world for ages. One of the dolphins leapt out of the water and walked across its surface on its tail, while the other slapped the water's surface with its fins. The combination of the two movements created a wave that washed across the pool and splashed across the spectators.

How is this so important? Consider the Butterfly Effect. One flap of light beautiful wings is perhaps one of the most deadly things known to world weather. Edward Lorenz says one flap of a seagull's wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever. A seagull's wings. Random motions by an animal whose only thought is to get from where it is to where its food is.

Imagine the effect if an intelligent race were to strategically position members of its race across the globe in order to accomplish an important and deadly goal. It starts with a few sightings of dolphins acting strangely the world over. Seen suddenly frequenting places they've never been known to visit before, they leap through the air in strangely ritualized movements. The perceptive few may notice after a group of such dolphins has been spotted in the middle of the Atlantic, a hurricane hits Florida. Or a tidal wave washes out a section of the Irish coastline.

And dolphins have certainly influenced history. Tiglath-Pileser I was an Assyrian king who ruled in 1307BCE and was terribly fond of exotic animals. While conquering the lands surrounding his kingdom he took the time to build many zoos so that others could enjoy the marvels of the strange creatures they weren't able to go see elsewhere. But. He hunted dolphins. When in the Mediterranean, he staged several dolphin hunts. One must wonder what he knew.

Perhaps Tiglath-Pileser found a way to counteract the effects of otherworldly voices and decided to rid the world of what terrors he could. He did after all, greatly expand Assyria after centuries of its decline. The hunts he participated in were perhaps staged raids to steal the secrets to the dolphins' Crystal Skull Technology(, and using this, he was able to counteract the decline of his empire and bring Assyria to new heights.

Here we have the true secret of that area's constant warfare, or is it a coincidence that another Assyrian king of the same name fulfilled prophecies and led Assyria on further conquest, this time making it into the Bible? Having stolen the secrets of mind control from the dolphins, Tiglath-Pileser I passed on his knowledge through the succession and the Assyrian kings conquered not through might alone, but the use of telepathy. No wonder Babylon is the place of such conquest and revile. After conquering their enemies the secrets were hidden within the depths of Babylon, where they perhaps await discovery today. There is such mystery and magic here because hidden somewhere within the walls of Babylon is an item that still throbs with telepathic power.

Just to be sure all their eggs were not placed in one basket, the dolphins touched ancient Greece and Rome as well. Aristotle describes the voice of dolphins. He says they have a voice similar to humans', except they have trouble pronouncing consonants. However, this rarely becomes a problem as dolphins have long ago mastered the art of telepathy and mind control. The ancient Greeks associated them with Apollo and Dionysios, two gods with mystical influences. Indeed, Apollo has the epithet Delphinios, which can be translated to Apollo of the Dolphins. Dolphins associated with either of these gods were constantly shown bringing people back to shore, supposedly after they had fallen into danger and needed rescuing, but it is not mentioned what happens to those people while they are with the dolphins.

A clear tie between the two gods can be found with the youth Arion. He is brought to Taenarus on the back of a dolphin, later lauded as a great player of the lyre and a creator of dithyrambs. Not only does he play the lyre, the instrument of Apollo, but what he chooses to write and play with the lyre is best known for its association with the sacred rites of Dionysios. Whatever it is that the dolphins did to Arion clearly left their mark. Perhaps they enhanced his psychic abilities, and he goes on to spread the influence of Apollo and Dionysios, and thus the dolphins, with his music?

This is also when they discovered one of the best ways to control man; money. First, a coin imprinted with a ram's head surrounded by dolphins was minted in 475BCE in Delphi. There's that tie to Apollo again. Apollo transformed himself into a dolphin and led worshipers to the shrine of Delphi, where his priestess would give oracles. Clearly, Apollo is none other than a dolphin who gifts his followers with heightened mental powers.

In Paras, a colony of Spartans in Southern Italy, coins were minted with men riding dolphins in the centuries before Rome sacked it in 207 BCE. And the Romans also minted coins with dolphins; Titus Flavius Domitianus, a great tyrant, minted a coin with a dolphin wrapped around an anchor during his reign in 81AD. By putting their image on coins which man saw daily, they wore down man's resistance to their mental influence. Money is often touted as the source of all evil, even while most slave to its call. Somehow, even in the depths of slavery, we recognize that coinage is an important key to discovering how we are controlled.

It seems, however, that we are suffering a much better Fate then the poor residents of Atlantis. Racial memory might explain this, while we deplore the evils of coinage and the controlling minds of the dolphins, we don't shake off the yoke because we know we may otherwise suffer the same fate as the Atlanteans. Rupert Sheldrake explains how this might be possible, he claims morphic resonance creates a living entity that controls racial memory and ritual behaviors, as well as normal every day habits. Society then becomes a living breathing entity that controls our lives from the moment we are born till the moment when we die. But this is nothing new; religion has been said to spread from person to person in much the same way that viral infections spread from host to host.

It has been said that all of our motors and noisy ships drown out the voices of those cetaceans who can communicate for miles across the globe beneath the seas. This excessive noise might be merely an attempt to drown out the plotting of those underwater tyrants. Or maybe the wakes of ships can counteract the strategic movements of the dolphin's fins. Are we taking advantage of memories we do not know we are influenced by? Or is there a global conspiracy committed to counteracting the influence of dolphins, a conspiracy that has been in effect since Tiglath-Pileser or even earlier? This turns the oceans into battlefields, with desperate sailors bravely battling elements and mystical dolphinic rituals to save the lives of those of us on the shore.

It is easy to pick bits from the amounts of dolphin conspiracy to create a game setting with dolphins as either the arch enemies in the background, influencing mankind to their nefarious purposes, or as benefactors who are pushing only to save mankind from some nameless horror.

A heavy sci-fi setting can reveal the dolphins to have access to vast amounts of psi, and perhaps their Crystal Skull is in fact an implanted cyber or bioware that amplifies telepathic mind control. Alien abductions are really nothing of the sort; instead they are people with implants kidnapping those without to help spread the amplification of telepathy. Or it might be argued that dolphins are members of a vast star-faring race, the oceans on our planet are merely colonies or outposts. Laboratories perhaps, where they watch the development of their human experiment. When humans are abducted, they are fitted with tags that allow the dolphins to examine in minute detail the results of their work.

For a more horrific feel, I like lots of wires and mad scientists who cut subjects apart in their search for how to influence the entity Society. Or maybe a game of moral horror. Perhaps the dolphins are not evil creatures intent on subjugating the human race in their cruel and inhuman experiments. Maybe they are benevolent creatures doing what is necessary to save humanity from some great intergalactic or multi-dimensional evil.

Fantasy creates a different breed. Dolphins can become magical creatures from other planes of existence, sent to guard or harm human-kind. Maybe all they want is a planet free from whatever horror they are fleeing. Crystal Skull Technology might be just that; little Crystal Skulls which amplify magical powers. Or maybe a few lucky and legendary dolphins or humans are born with an actual crystal skull that does something nifty to tip the battle. Any way that is chosen, dolphins are fascinating antagonists with a plethora of historical and current influences upon man.

Coming soon... lizards, space, ...

( The obligatory mentioning of S. John Ross. It is from him that I stol- er I mean borrowed Crystal Skull Technology. Because he was kind enough to mention me somewhere cool, I'll give him a plug: www.io.com/~sjohn. Visit his webpage! It is good. :)

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What do you think?

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