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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Fifteen and Sixteen

by NotYetMousse
Jul 28,2005


Fifteenth Session

Exercise in futility... Jaj's Magic Missile hits the goblin leader, at the far end of the battle, well out of melee range. The skirmish continues for a bit, the battle clearly lost as Jaj falls and Hikaru clings to consciousness. Deciding intelligence is the better part of valor Hikaru slings Jaj over a shoulder and runs off, binding the poor soul's wounds before he bleeds to death. Thomas fails to get the memo and only decides to run after it's apparent that he'll be captured. Hikaru continues sprinting with her sorcerous burden till it's obvious the guards had gone home.

Elite goblins I said. But they're just goblins they said. We gonna kick your ass said the goblins. The goblins were right. As Jaj was taking his shot, I stopped him to ask why he was shooting Zigblot. He replied that if they could take down the cleric the goblins couldn't heal themselves. I nearly slammed my head into the table right there. Then explained that he was EVIL, and that they can't suddenly decide all their spells are cure spells like good ones do.

Thomas awakens in a small room that contains most of the party's useful equipment which also contains a sleeping guard (how unusual). *WHUMP!* Scratch one goblin. Thomas loots the goblin for a key and leaves. After a long walk he finds the other two, gives them some first aid before they curl up for a night of sleep.

I felt sorry for Thomas, so I allowed him to live. Well, no, I just knew what I was gonna pull and thought it would be too cruel to kill him off and make a new character for nothing.

Jaj surprisingly awakens, feeling much better after the nonconsensual nap. The others awaken, Thomas dosing out healing magic to them all. Finding a way out becomes job number one, so they keep walking 'out' of the cave. After passing the same bolt lodged into the wall several times they figure something's up.

A bit Hana Barbara I know, but no one got that I was purposely putting in inconsistencies. It's an odd amusement seeing my players confused, and even better when they figure out what's happening. It's best of all when it pulls them into the plot.

End session.

Sixteenth Session

Our heroes awaken fully rested, and in a forest? Seeing dead goblins about them, Hikaru theorizes that a goblin had used magic to trick them and had gotten away. Jaj points out the goblin corpses to Thomas, adding some remark. Thomas then carries out the will of his god upon Jaj's blunt head. Out of the blue Thomas feels a breeze as something lashes out at him, barely missing.

Ohayo! (or as I say it, Ohio!) The group wakes up after a wicked dream which started way back in session thirteen (Column 9). My players were surprised to say the least when they woke up to a situation that they'd been through before. The game proper paused for about 20 minutes as they talked amongst themselves (and asked me a few questions) about exactly what was going on. After a bit they came to the above conclusion. The actual reason they'd been knocked out is an attack by pseudo dragons to get a feel for Jaj as they monitored his, and the party's, thoughts during their dreams. This was done to set up the acquisition for Jaj's new familiar that he'd bought with a feat.

All three prepare for battle, but see nothing. Suddenly Jaj feels a nipping sensation, as if his left leg had just gone missing. Hikaru attacks the bloody floating mouth, knocking out a few of the teeth. The fight continues with neither side giving quarter till Jaj fires a Magic Missile! The creature struck back with it's ultimate attack, it self detonated, catching both Thomas and Hikaru in a terrible explosion. Thomas is down and Hikaru feels her strength fading. She stabilizes herself and Thomas as a strange rain begins to fall. GOLD! It's mutha-fuggin' gold from the sky! Jade and a few items follow the gold, most notably a pair of bracers that clonk Jaj's head, denting the bracers.

Here's where I find out that I'd given way too much power to the treasure cards I'd given out previously. From a single low CR monster came a whopping CR 16 treasure. So whopping the only explanation for it would be 'it's magic', that they'd need carts to possibly carry all of it, and that for it to be there all at once it'd make a 2d6 blast.

The next day all awake and Thomas heals. Jaj attempts to Detect Magic on the cloak and bracers, coming up with nothing. Hikaru wears the bracers, seeing if they have any special powers. As nothing happens immediately she then attacks a nearby tree, after which a girl steps from the tree to slap Hikaru and return. Jaj decides to don the cloak and feels better about himself. Jaj smiles. *bling* The trio head back to town.

This was a bad day to play Hikaru. First she puts on cursed bracers (bracers of defenselessness for the curious), then she's slapped by a dryad, and then fails her saving throw after Jaj gets his treasure. Jaj's treasure is quite nice indeed. Bishonen no gaito (or a cloak of Charisma +6), which gives the boy a confidence boost as he dons the garment, giving a dashing smile as it's magic ensnares Hikaru's heart. It's a very bad day to play Hikaru.

Back at town they decide to head for the temple, meeting Jacob inside. Thomas demands room and board for his party, which is refused as the regional Cleric-con is under way. Taking the cue they decide to board at the inn for the night. Next day comes and they leave for the temple to ask if at least the training facilities are available.

I'd just returned from a convention, and it seemed like a good reason for the place to be closed at the time. I'd wanted them away from the temple for a bit to remind them that the people of Rivertucky would be more welcoming if they managed to get the armor back.

Thomas looks into the training room, noting that it's taken on a completely different look, yet oddly enough the same feel. Hikaru and Jaj peer in, seeing a bar, tended by a cleric of course, at which is sitting a familiar looking goblin wielding a scythe. Further on down is the dealers' alley, with various clerics pimping their religious wares as big name clerics sign autographs at their assigned booths. Looking over the rest of the area they find several training dummies used in, inappropriate, ways as passed out clerics (mostly clerics of hedonism) are being reaped by Death's clerics. Sun's clerics quickly follow behind trying to heal those taken prematurely, making the convention not only extremely entertaining for all involved, but even more so rigorous training for the acolytes.

I'd spent about an hour writing up the full description for this scene, describing the booths, what foods and swag was for sale, and took time to point out a few of the high level clerics in the campaign. I'd hoped to get them involved in at least meeting a few of the NPCs there for easy adventure hooks. They decided to train for next level instead. My GM's soul was weeping.

The party leaves the convention without joining (6gp admission for a 3 day con bah!), instead training outside till it subsides, then using the temple's facilities.

End session.

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