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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Nineteenth Session

by NotYetMousse
Sep 27,2005


Nineteenth Session

Looting completed, they head onwards, through the hall, the hub, and into one of the larger chambers. Within there is only death. Dozens, nay hundreds of corpses litter the ground, orcs, goblins, and dwarves, all dead for quite some time from the stench.

This is where the battle waged back when Gorin was introduced.

Given the hellish stink that hundreds of corpses would raise after being left to rot for weeks I assigned a fairly difficult fort save against blowing chunks which all managed to pass. I told them they'd continue every round and they got the hint. Nothing lives here.

Seeking Gorin's brother, and more importantly nasal relief, they make their way through a partially collapsed tunnel, climbing the larger pieces of rubble. On the other side the cavern's stalactites and stalagmites begin to merge and create five different paths. One path leads to a dead end with a small treasure chest containing a feather of all things. The next path to the right curves right leading back to the originating room. Three down and two left.

Yes, the contents of the treasure chest was a phoenix down. I believe the music in the background was Rachel's theme at the moment, and just decided to slip it in and see if anyone noticed.

It was at this time that I discovered one of my players actually liked Mystic Quest. I was very tempted to kick him out of the house and look for a new player, but restrained myself.

The party goes down the one of the remaining unexplored pathways, Thomas and Jaj sensing something watching them. Further down they encounter a pair of eyes. Thomas asks 'who is it?' to which the voice replies ('It'sa me, Mario') Bren.

Another instance of music inserting a reference on the fly. It was off some euro remix of Nintendo themes which had the quoted lines above.

Quick review: Jaj wants a familiar, Jajs wants to roleplay meeting his familiar, I told him that I'd work in a meeting ASAP.

I asked Jaj's player for a name. Keeping in mind the above I figured it was obvious why I was asking for a name, but it seems he'd forgotten that he's looking for a familiar.

Approaching closer the lamp's light reveals a small flying dragon. Bren flies around Hikaru, Thomas, and Jaj, inspecting each of them. Gorin wards off the creature with his glaive. Jaj asks the creature if it knows where town is, it nods leading them down a path. Thomas follows farther behind than usual.

Now Jaj's player gets the idea, and flatly refuses it. I shrug and continue on, knowing it could be some time before another decent time comes to introduce a new character.

In the darkness it's often hard to discern between floor and empty space. Or so Gorin believes as Hikaru and Jaj stop at the edge while he plummets downwards.

After a moment of silence for their (literally) fallen comrade, they hear some colorful language, in a rather earthen language, Dwarven. In an attempt to gauge how deep this pit is Jaj Lights a coin, dropping it. That failing to save Gorin, Hikaru searches about, finding a lever which she pulls. The loud sounds of machinations echo throughout their area of the cavern, within a minute Gorin can be seen rising from the pit on a platform. Thomas heals the dwarf and they stand upon the platform before pulling a lever located upon it.

Everyone in the group tells me they're keeping their eyes on the psuedodragon in case it tries something. So as normally happens when you don't look where you walk someone took a dive.

Nearing dwarf lands the hick aura slowly fades away, allowing mechanical devices to function, and non-humans to thrive. Unfortunately, the thriving may come to an end as our imptrepid heroes approach.

I have no idea what Jaj's player was thinking by dropping a coin. Neither does anyone else. If you happen to know feel free to tell me.

Down at the 'basement' of the cave, the party notices several suits of 'goblin armor' shoddily crafted suits that are of a small size. Also within the room are three doors, two of which are normal sized, the third for something much wider, but only a bit taller. The door opposite them is the overly wide door, which all three try to open unsuccessfully. Finding the door uncooperative they head into the right door.

This is, more or less, an outpost for trade. A peaceful place, not prepared for war. I'm afraid it's too easy to guess what happens next. So I'm saving it for next month!

End session

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