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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Twentieth Session

by NotYetMousse
Oct 27,2005


Twentieth Session

The suckers, erm.... customers, enter the door, finding the medieval equivalent of a Seven Eleven. Jaj buys a couple potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, a potion of Fireball, and a wand of Magic Missile, while selling some small baubles he found on the orcs, along with an anklet found some time ago. In such a convenient store they naturally get ripped off. Gorin quietly stays behind, looking over some items.

After making all their purchases they go into the other door, finding themselves in a used wagon showroom. After quickly leaving the showroom, sans violence, they return to the elevator.

Yes, a potion of Fireball. And the party magic user of all people decided to buy it.

Alright, I did mention it in the items available, but really, how can you take it seriously? You'd think the laugh it got when I'd said 'potion of Fireball' would've tipped him off that it wouldn't be a good idea to buy it.

The wand turns out to be the best buy of the lot. A surprisingly good negotiation on Jaj's part and misreading the price of the wand on my part lead to a 9th caster level wand of Magic Missile for about 4,000 gp,

The vehicle lot was a small nod to how out of the way locations outside the city are usually the only places you can find a good deal on large purchases. It was amusing to watch the look on my players faces after seeing a salesman try to sell them a 'fully loaded wagon optimized for speed and durability with double wishbone suspension'.

Just in case you were wondering the above line is almost word for word what I was told by a salesman at the Hummer dealership near my place. He then attempted to go into specifics and I told him I had enough material.

What did Gorin do alone in the store you ask? Beats me. I just figured it would be a good excuse for him to have something useful later on.

Hikaru looks over the wall, thinking something's amiss and prods at it looking for a weakness. Seeing Hikaru feel up a wall Jaj gets a nosebleed, which he then quickly hides from all. Hikaru attempts to kick down the wall, a sickening crack coming from either her or the wall. Thomas takes a whack or two at it, and the wall eventually gives, startling a hidden shire of goblins. Seeing a horde of goblins Thomas showers them with the sun's glorious light, by tossing a Lighted stone into their hometown.

Spot checks are magical things when you ask people to roll them. Just a paranoia roll to keep them on their toes in an area that happened to have a false wall. Immediately two of the three players told me they were also making listen checks, and when Hikaru spots something odd about the wall gropes along the wall looking for an opening.

I'm hoping that Jaj's player was attempting to reference Order of the Stick and it's strip about females searching for traps. Otherwise it's just a creepy guy oogling a plain chick that breaks bricks, with her face!

Thomas baffles me. Maybe his player was metagaming by assuming that goblins meant XP snacks. Maybe he wanted to see what they'd do. Either way it lead to one of the more disastrous episodes as you'll soon see.

Taking the angry crowd of goblins heading towards the broken barrier of their village as a cue, Hikaru pulls the lever, sending the party back up the shaft. It would have been a perfect getaway, but, soon after starting upwards the platform begins to descend again. Panicking Thomas pushes the button, which drops the lift completely, sharp spikes at the bottom pierce Thomas and Jaj.

Ten points for knowing to leave, minus twelve for tripping a trap on the way out.

No one spoke the goblin's language. So no one could tell that the goblins were shouting in mass panic about the bright light of incoming invasion.

My players could not figure out why there was an elevator within the cave. I'm hoping that you understand why there's an elevator. In case you don't know post below and all shall be explained.

A heated slaughter begins, Jaj manning the spike trap, while the others finish off anything the spikes didn't kill.

I gotta admit, that was brilliant use of the trap that I didn't consider. The slaughter of so many innocents takes the gleam off their ingenuity, however. I decided that overall they'd get half XP since they did use good teamwork and use the trap to their advantage.

End session.

Bonus Section!

I honestly don't remember the inspiration for this prestige class, but I'm willing to bet it had something to do with anime or kung fu movies.

In short it's a tribal warrior that learns to use energy and rage.

Energy Savage
Within the wildlands lie areas of extraordinary affinity with the energies which surround the world. Hailing from these lands are a small number of warriors with the remarkable ability to wield these energies as a weapon.
Note: A character may choose this prestige class more than once, but for a different energy type (acid, cold, fire, or electricity) each time. These levels do not stack when determining special abilities.

Table 8: The Energy Savage
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +1 2 2 0 Imbue Element
2 +2 3 3 0
3 +3 3 3 1 Resistance to Energy
4 +4 4 4 1 Improved Imbue Element
5 +5 4 4 1 Elemental Fury 1/day
6 +6 5 5 2 Resistance to Energy
7 +7 5 5 2 Greater Imbue Element
8 +8 6 6 2
9 +9 6 6 3 Resistance to Energy
10 +10 7 7 3 Elemental Fury 2/day

Hit Dice: d12

BAB +5
Special: Must undergo a quest to a place noted for it's abundance of the chosen energy to harness it's force, or survive an attack of that energy type which deals at least half of their total HP (minimum 10 HP) in damage.

Class Skills
An Energy Savage's Class skills (and key ability for each skill) are: Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis) Ride (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex) skill points 4 +Intelligence modifier per level

Class Features
All of the following are the features of the Energy Savage. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An Energy Savage is Proficient with all Simple and Martial Weapons, light armor, but not shields.

Imbue Element: Thrice per day an Energy Savage may charge their weapon (or unarmed attack) with the energy type chosen to inflict an additional 1d6, 1d8 on a critical hit, in energy damage. The weapon remains charged for one full round or till an attack succeeds. This may be done as a swift action.

Resistance to Energy: Gain or increase resistance to the chosen energy type by 5 for each instance.

Improved Imbue Element: As Imbue Element, but inflicts 2d6, 2d8 on a critical hit, in energy damage, and number of uses increases to once per level per day.

Elemental Fury: As rage, but all attacks become invigorated by Greater Imbue Element properties, and stacks with any previous rage abilities.

Greater Imbue Element: As Imbue Element, but inflicts 3d6, 3d8 on a critical hit, in energy damage, each use charges the weapon for one round per level of Energy Savage.

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What do you think?

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