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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Sixth Session

by NotMousse
Jan 27,2005


Sixth Session

Kidwinks, the Halfling Druid, walks into Rivertucky looking for a bite to eat. Upon entering the local inn he requests some cheese, while hiding his rat within overlarge robes. Peeping over a nearby table he sees some tough looking characters enjoying foods prepared with a strange meat. Swiping a piece from the table he feeds a portion to his rat which doesn't seem too interested in it. Moving on, Kidwinks finds a table in the corner. The waitress leaves an off blue cheese at Kidwinks' table and the two partake of it, noting a unfamiliar, yet pleasant taste. At the next table over a trio of large men discuss plans to take revenge, their leader finds what appears to be an elven spy. The rednecks proceed to question the unsuspecting Halfling, then pummel him, tossing the leftovers in the street.

A couple guys had answered my call for roleplayers. I thought this was a good thing. I was somewhat right, but not for the reasons suspected. Thomas' player was out sick this week, so I took my time introducing the new characters to the story in order to not draw attention to his lacking in the game world. The elven bit was mostly due to no one in Rivertucky knowing exactly what an elf looked like. After being blamed for the near destruction of the world and hunted like rabid dogs what remains of elven populations are hiding, and, for the most part, are the stuff of fantasy designed to frighten small children.

After laying in the street for awhile the robed figure hobbles to the temple for healing, learning of Fred's desire to hire an 'adventurer'. With nothing better to do, and nothing in his wallet, Kidwinks goes to Fred's trailer and discusses his new job, to track down and retrieve some vagrants. As Fred begins to offer transportation, by way of a racing pig, the small person is already off to the river. Kidwinks comes across a certain broken down bridge, prying loose a log to raft downstream.

The vagrants in question are, naturally, the rest of the party. Having left nearly a month prior the mayor had begun to fear that they took off with his belongings erm... the town treasures. I'm somewhat impressed that Kidwinks' player thought out the situation and let the river take him where he needed to go. I'm also shamed that my group hadn't thought the same when they came across hunks of lumber and a swift current.

Dismounting at the cave entrance, the Halfling continues on foot, discovering some small change within a large pile of bones. Further into the cave is a food hall which only boasts a rotted, half eaten meal for some troops; seemingly a dead end. Backtracking shows the fledgling druid a new room, which has a strange section of wall.

I had designed the walls of the cavern so that the entrance to the side room would be behind the person when entering, only becoming obvious when exiting. Since so few people look backwards while travelling I've found it's a great way to introduce opposing NPCs to exploring PCs.

Waking to sounds of shuffling feet Ted and company look outside, kill an orc, and find Kidwinks. After some awkward introductions Kidwinks joined the group's search for the Rivertucky treasure. Traveling down the barracks hallway the party discover a large cavernous area (in a cave? no way!), which appears to be some sort of hub, with hallways branching off ahead, to the left, and forward left. While moving down the left hallway a tremendous explosion rocks the mountain, startling the adventurers and rousting a legion of orcs and goblins to battle.

I may be mistaken, but believe part of the introductions were 'It's an elf! kill it!'. It was a surprisingly fun bit of role play, but by the time I'd gotten to writing the notes after game I skipped over it.

Gorin, 23rd rank cadet, is placed within a squad assigned to a search, rescue, and slaughter mission against a group of goblins that have seized several Dwarves. Breaking down one pile of rubble, they encounter a wall that a demolitions expert blows down with a mighty keg of powder. The explosion brings forth a gout of powdered stone, backed by a massive surge of belligerent orcs and goblins. Suddenly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers Gorin is separated from his squad. Deciding intelligence is the better part of valor, the troops retreat to the hub, instead of taking the straight forward path.

Gorin took much less time to place in the story as his character concept fit so well within the plot I was able to scrap a half planned NPC. The beauty of the scene was that I had planned a large distraction which would evolve into a route to be explored by my players. This of course assumes they would stop running from the plot.

Opening the huge doors the company are faced with a dark mysterious figure bellowing 'Kill them!'. Six orcs appear from behind pillars, intent on making mountain oysters. Gorin bursts into the room (splut)! Having a word with Bobbin, he decides to fight with the others as soon as he notices the number of orcs bearing down on him anyway. Hikaru stumbles as an axe slices through her left flank, the orcs surround one weaving Jaj, and Bobbin searches his backpack. Taking cork in teeth Bobbin tears off the stopper, letting the flask sail while muttering a silent prayer. The burning smell of a peppery sauce wafts into the room as the flask erupts into a conflagration which cremates the orcs and burns the dark figure. Screaming in pain the large figure emerges from the shadows, stalking to the middle of the room for an attempt on the lives of these bothersome trespassers. The figure reveals itself to be a massive ogre, threatening to topple the room around them. Gorin and the Ogre evade the other's blows, neither landing a solid hit nor giving quarter. Hikaru again benefits from Thomas' services as Jaj, Kidwinks, and Ted fire from the sidelines.

Gorin's conversation was the only stumbling block in an otherwise exciting combat that ended the session. The fight to be stopped for a few seconds as Gorin briefly attempted to simply pull Bobbin out of the room. Stating that the orcs started charging helped snap all players back into the fight that was headed their way. Jaj's luck was uncanny, I doubt the guy took a single hit. Oddly enough I was munching some Phish Food at the time. Speaking of Jaj, a bit of mumbling on his part caused the most damage to the entire group. Since ogres have racial dice, and as a fighter he had class dice I'd been rolling HP, I'd forgotten to do so before hand, and on the second to last die roll he mutters 236. The ogre's new HP value. Iron Chef Bobbin! It's just too cool, and perhaps the prestige class I'm most proud of. The Potion of Fireball went well with the group, so well in fact I decided to stock it in shops later on.

End session.

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